Don’t Give Up!

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At fifty-three years old, I locked the doors on the empty storefront one day, but this wasn’t like all the times before when I closed for the evening. I was closing my business for good. I looked at those doors—doors in which many women had walked through for years. I enjoyed greeting each lady with a smile, hearing their laughter, and the chit-chat, as they made their purchases or placed an order. Now it was all over. My career was finished. My chronic illness had finally gotten the best of me.

It took a while to recover from my grief of losing that business—and before I started seriously considering selling on the Internet. I have written before about how the idea seemed so overwhelming. But I’d worked hard to find my own personal niche. A subtle but unique difference that would make my own product, my wreaths, “stand out above the rest.”

I couldn’t give up. And part of that was my faith in God, even if it was small like a mustard seed. I still had a long way to go. I now have a very strong personal faith in God, as I have seen Him send very special people into my life at just the right time to encourage, strengthen, and cheer me on. And it’s my turn to encourage you!

There was a reason for my illness that I didn’t know then—fibromyalgia. Now I coach and encourage women of all ages who think and feel the same things I thought and felt all those years ago – that my life and career were over due to my chronic illness.

Have you given up? If so, what caused it?

For me, it was my own self-image, as well as an illness. I had struggled with both most of my life. I don’t know that the reason matters so much as to why you may have given up, but what does matter is the strength you’ll find deep within yourself. It is a fierce determination that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning, even when you think there is no reason to.

I believe strongly that you are here right now for a very special purpose. You have been given a talent, a gift that is meant to be used. As you find it within yourself, step forward with confidence, because – you see – I KNOW YOU CAN!

As I tell the ladies who reach out to me daily; you DO have a talent, you DO have a gift. You may need to find and work on your talents and gifts, but they will open doors in your life that you never knew existed. Develop them and you’ll experience joy and a sense of accomplishment!

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  1. Just what I needed!!! I trust God, but sometimes the Evil One put subtle thoughts in my mind. I don’t even realize that’s what’s going on, I think it’s just my own thoughts. Nancy, you have been such an inspiration to me and the icing on the cake is that you are a Christian!!!! I love it, and I WON’T GIVE UP!!!!

    1. I’m so happy to hear that Debi! You are a talented lady – God has blessed you with many gifts.

      I LOVE that I can help and encourage you! Blessings, Nancy

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