Being Thankful In Our Weakness

You may be wondering why I’m writing about weakness when I’m the founder of a successful Internet business. I receive so many emails from women battling chronic illness (like myself) while trying to succeed in the marketplace. Many subscribe to my Inner Circle or follow me on Facebook and enjoy my Ladybug Wreaths website while […]

Don’t Give Up!

At fifty-three years old, I locked the doors on the empty storefront one day, but this wasn’t like all the times before when I closed for the evening. I was closing my business for good. I looked at those doors—doors in which many women had walked through for years. I enjoyed greeting each lady with […]

Hope When You’re Physically Down

I find That The Beauty In Nature Inspires Hope… Today, as I was going through several subjects that customers have requested I discuss in my newsletter, there is one which keeps coming up over and over again.  Actually, it has been asked on a regular basis for many years now. I have always tried to […]