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Our Hope Is Within God

Most of you know me as the lady behind Ladybug Wreaths. You may have even read my book or followed my blog posts as I’ve shared my journey through fibromyalgia.

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Don’t Give Up!

At fifty-three years old, I locked the doors on the empty storefront one day, but this wasn’t like all the times before when I closed for the evening. I was

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My Greatest Inspiration!

 My Shop is My Greatest Inspiration! The Flowers, The colors, The Ribbons… People ask me all the time where I find inspiration, so I I want to share with you my

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Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration From The Outdoors! Hello, how are you doing today? Are you having a good week? I’d love to spend a few minutes with you today simply encouraging you!

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Welcome to Springtime…

I Want to Welcome "You" to Springtime! Today, Ladybug Wreaths is Ready for Spring! Is the sun shining at your house today? It is at ours.  The clouds and chill

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