Wreath makers and crafters LOVE what they do, but don’t know how to sell online.  Let me help you!  Life is too short to do this alone!

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With My How to Videos and Ebooks, you can Develop your own Wreath Style following my Methods!



With my Etsy Training and My Secret Vendors, sell your Creations with my Secret Training Programs and Vendors



I’m Always Available to hop on a call with Inner Circle Members to Answer Questions & Help you Grow Your Business!  

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My Video Vault Containing Training: such as how to make wreaths like mine, where to sell online, how to ship, how to set up your Etsy shop, and so much more.

Private Facebook Forum: ask questions, meet the awesome members who have similar goals and interests

Access to me: I am in the forum often answering questions

Make money selling your designs online in your new Etsy shop!

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Etsy Intensives Training
Pinterest Training
My Secret Vendors, Vol. #7
Wreath Making Video Library
Etsy Shop Critique Examples
Wreath Critique Examples

Direct Sales With Facebook Pages
Facebook Ads 2.0
Create a Facebook Cover Image
Advertising on Facebook
Facebook Marketing
10 Steps to Getting Started on Pinterest



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