You Don’t Have to be Alone in Your Business

Are You Alone in Your Business? I certainly was for many, many years. It is SO much more fun when you have help! Most ‘creativepreneurs’ try to run and grow their online business all alone. That’s what I was trying to do when I began!  I certainly understand what it feels like to want to […]

Don’t Give Up!

At fifty-three years old, I locked the doors on the empty storefront one day, but this wasn’t like all the times before when I closed for the evening. I was closing my business for good. I looked at those doors—doors in which many women had walked through for years. I enjoyed greeting each lady with […]

Searching for Your Passion?

When God’s Plan Turns Into an Amazing Business I remember as a young mother of two being so sick I couldn’t get out of bed. I cried out to God every single day as I read His word looking for an answer. I pleaded with Him as I made promise after promise after promise: “Please […]

Business Planning Made Easy

Ideas on Business Planning WAIT!!! Don’t Get Overwhelmed! The idea of creating a business plan sends most people into a tailspin! I know it did me! I was overwhelmed when I first started researching about this thing called a business plan that everyone said I needed. As you can probably imagine, there is PLENTY of […]

My Path to Selling on Etsy

“How Did You Start Selling” I get asked this question all the time. Starting to sell on Etsy happened as sort of a progression in my life and in my business. I began 35 years ago making my handmade crafts to sell at craft shows, the newest and greatest selling venue at the time. It […]

Big Announcement Today

Because YOU Matter SO Much to us HERE at ladybug Wreaths; We Have Lowered the Price of Our Exclusive Community “Best of Nancy” Yes… you did hear me right!! It now costs so much less to join Best of Nancy – you won’t believe it! I  built my reputation selling wreaths online based upon my […]

Join Me Today – Become a “Dreamer”

Take Advantage of an Opportunity That Can Change Your Life Forever! Most of us, as Artisans, have an engrained entrepreneurial spirit eating away. In the beginning, sometimes, we dare to let our minds go to a place of success, as we dream of starting and growing an Internet business. Those thoughts come and go, but […]

My Friend, Jim Cockrum

Jim Cockrum; My Mentor, My Friend, and My Inspiration… Jim's new book:  "Free Marketing: 101 Low and No-Cost Ways to Grow Your Business, Online and Off" is now available in Amazon!   There are really FREE, No-Cost ways to start and run an Internet business, and Jim Cockrum knows which ones are legitimate, and which ones […]

My Gift For You – Happy Valentine’s Day!

My Gift For You! On this Valentine’s Day, Ladybug Wreaths wants to wish you LOVE & HAPPINESS!  Couples throughout the world are exchanging gifts of candy, flowers, and exciting surprises all because of St. Valentine.  Because of this mysterious saint, February has been named the month of “Romance”.  And, on this one day alone, almost […]

Can I Really Use Facebook to Promote My Business?

 Use Facebook to Promote Your Business!   I have been asked that question many times. And, I receive comments like: “Facebook is a social site for young people; I just don’t want to share my personal or business information with them…” Do you have your own Facebook Page, or just a personal Facebook? There is […]

WOBC Magazine

Recently, I joined an online community that helps support women owned businesses, WOBC. When you already have, or are starting an Internet business, networking through all the social media platforms is critical.  This helps you become friends with other women who are launching online businesses similar to your.  It helps to promote each other, to […]