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Don’t Give Up!

At fifty-three years old, I locked the doors on the empty storefront one day, but this wasn’t like all the times before when I closed for the evening. I was

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Business Planning Made Easy

Ideas on Business Planning WAIT!!! Don’t Get Overwhelmed! The idea of creating a business plan sends most people into a tailspin! I know it did me! I was overwhelmed when

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My Path to Selling on Etsy

“How Did You Start Selling” I get asked this question all the time. Starting to sell on Etsy happened as sort of a progression in my life and in my

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Big Announcement Today

Because YOU Matter SO Much to us HERE at ladybug Wreaths; We Have Lowered the Price of Our Exclusive Community “Best of Nancy” Yes… you did hear me right!! It

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My Friend, Jim Cockrum

Jim Cockrum; My Mentor, My Friend, and My Inspiration… Jim's new book:  "Free Marketing: 101 Low and No-Cost Ways to Grow Your Business, Online and Off" is now available in

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WOBC Magazine

Recently, I joined an online community that helps support women owned businesses, WOBC. When you already have, or are starting an Internet business, networking through all the social media platforms

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