Are You Selling Your Product, Your Brand, or You?

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Are You Selling Your Product,
Your Brand… or You?

When your customers get to Know, Like & Trust you, you are selling more of your brand which leads to selling more of your products.

People aren’t really buying your products as much as they are buying the story of your life, your business and your experience. Your brand and your story can help and encourage more potential customers / clients to know that they can succeed just as you did.

In other words… your BRAND is YOU!

In order to get to know ‘you,’ potential customers and followers want to know your story.  

Here are some things that are of interest to your customers & followers:

  • What is important to you?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What circumstances led you to get started?
  • How long have you been designing or creating?
  • Were there health or life issues that God used to guide you on His path?
  • Where do you create? In your home, a closed-in garage, or a shop?

These are only a few, but I think you understand what I’m saying…

Your customers want to think of you as a friend – someone they can talk to and share with. They want to follow in your footsteps – they have something in common with you and what you do.

We all have a story – most times it’s a powerful story. Feel free to tell your story to others – they can learn to improve their own lives from your own circumstances. That’s why I wrote and published – 

My Journey Through Fibromyalgia: Rumors, Ravages & The Rescue



Be transparent with your customers. Encourage, love them and make them feel special. After all, they ARE very important to you, and in turn, your business.

In order to grow a healthy, profitable business you want & need to know more about your customers, so that you can help them in areas where help is needed! You want to know about them – their likes, their dislikes – as much as they want to know about you! 

Here are some possible questions you can ask those who buy from or follow you.  You can do this through an email or through a Facebook page or group:

  • Can you tell me why you follow me?
  • Have you purchased my products?
  • What drew you to my designs and products?
  • Have you purchased from me more than once?

Share your story in different ways.  You can do this through the “about” sections in Facebook, Etsy, Pinterest, Twitter, and a website if you have one. 

Don’t be afraid to post videos. Facebook live is the one thing that Facebook is sharing more than any other type of post or information you can put on your page.

I’m giving my Inner Circle members a chance to post their FB live videos on our Facebook group page. That way they can become more comfortable sharing with friends and people who know them!

Post photos of what’s important to you and what you think others will enjoy.  These can be family, food, recipes, pets, and anything else you like.  Photos of you creating in your special workshop or space in your home are particularly interesting to customers. 

I enjoy sharing encouraging or religious posts because that’s such an important part of my life. 

Do you have a blog?  A blog is a particularly important place to share more of you and your story.  You can set up a blog on a Word Press installation or have someone do it for you at a fairly reasonable price.

Even though I write blog posts to go in the blog section of my website,, I also have a personal blog: where I feel a little freer to talk about the personal side of me.

Don’t forget….

There are many people out there today selling products which can easily compete with yours.  By sharing more of the side that sets you apart from the others, people will remember you and what you experienced to get to where you are today!

To learn more, join me and my team in Nancy’s Inner Circle. 

With love, Nancy

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Learn how to make a Christmas tree bow topper with this easy step-by-step tutorial:

Reach for the Sky & Learn to Fly!!

Remember… You CAN do it!  I Know You Can!

God Bless…

Signature Nancy



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  1. I love watching you your just so inspireing. So gentle and such a nice lady. But I will be making a new tree topper this year and I’m so glad that I ran into this howbto video’ I’ve tried making them in the past how ever I’ve never had any luck so hopefully this year I am hoping to have some luck this year!! Merry Christmas and wish me luck!

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