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Success is Amazing!
Meet Julie Siomocco

“You were so calm and you told me more than once,
that I could indeed make that gorgeous wreath,
and you were there to help me!”

Julie Siomocco is a Premium, Charter Member of our Best of Nancy Community.  I noticed immediately after Julie joined our membership site and started posting in the forum that the knowledge she gained from my DVDs along with her love for wreath and floral design had helped her create a wonderful and exciting business! She has accomplished so much in the short time she has been making and selling wreaths on the Internet!

I recently interviewed Julie and I would like to share a bit of Her story with you.null

Her story begins in the fall of 2008 when she found my store and fell in love with the “wild & woodsy” design style in my wreaths. Julie purchased one of my wreaths the day she found

She says: “On your website, I was able to see actual clips of your how-to videos. That is what really intrigued me to purchase a DVD later that day.”

“You were so calm and you told me more than once, that I could indeed make that gorgeous wreath, and you were there to help me!” Julie says it was my unique style which reminded her of the “gardener within” and made her want to purchase a wreath, and then learn to design them herself!

Julie started out by purchasing a double DVD set, “Welcome to My Garden“, and also “Ribbons & Bows“…then right after those, she purchased “All That Glitters.” She first made a fall wreath which was big, lush and gorgeous, saying: “My door was the envy of my neighbors and I got many complements…friends and even a complete stranger wanted me to make one for them! I was SHOCKED and unprepared…but I was also intrigued. Could I really make wreaths to sell?”

In my “Ladybug Wreaths” business, my goal is to motivate my customers and members, so I asked Julie how I motivated her? “You kept “talking to me” through your videos. You gave me the courage to try because you told me several times that I could do it…I could make this wreath, you can sell this online, you can do it, take it one step at a time, review the videos as much as you need to, etc. So it gave me confidence to take the “big step” and I eventually opened my online website and store!”

Thank you SO MUCH Julie! You say that I have inspired you, but you really are an inspiration to me!!

I am so proud to show you Julie’s Website:
It is always my personal goal to see you succeed just like Julie has.

Make sure you check out all my downloadable, instructional videos HERE and see if there might be one which strikes your fancy.

I’ll keep my eye open for “your” success story, and would love to be writing about you one day right here!

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