No One Likes Drab Living Spaces

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Are you tired of your living space
looking drab and ordinary?

So many of us find ourselves stuck in a rut when it comes to our living space. We spend so much time in this room, entertaining friends, hanging out with the kids, or curled up on the couch with a newspaper that the decor is often overlooked for the sake of comfort.

Well, today is the day for change!

Don’t worry – I’m not talking about a drastic remodel here. Instead, I want to share a few tips with you that can turn your tired, drab living space into one that is inviting and relaxing. One philosophy that I’ve lived by is to never place furniture square against a wall.

french country 2

“Floating” furniture creates a nice flow in a room. You can define this space with a rug, creating an environment that encourages conversation and interaction. So many new homes are being built with an open floor plan that is easy to get lost in.

When my husband, Steve, and I designed our home 14 years ago, we wanted the living space to flow into the kitchen and dining area.

However, I didn’t want the seating to feel lost and out of place. So, I arranged the furniture away from the wall and placed a large area rug in front of the fireplace. I also angled the rug so that it wasn’t square with the wall, but instead created visual interest. Our couches, ottoman, and recliner are all arranged to provide inviting areas for conversation and relaxation.

Speaking of seating, my second tip is to add an upholstered chair to your living room set.french country fabrics

You can spice up your living room with the addition of a comfortable and colorful chair. Cover the chair in a fabric that has the same colors as your sofa, but a different design. If you have an old sofa, how about covering it? When my boys were 2 & 3 years old, before I came down with fibromyalgia, I decided to recover our coach. We didn’t have much money so I found beautiful floral material that was 74% off and tackled it myself. Now, I won’t tell you I didn’t have a mess!  There were definitely strings spread from one end of the house to the other. But, I did it!

Think about a printed scarf or textured belt and how they can add “umph” to a simple outfit. Well, an upholstered chair can do the same thing for your living space.

If you already have a comfy chair, getting it reupholstered can significantly change the look of your room. Look for an out-of-date wing chair or club chair at a yard sale that can be recovered with a modern fabric.

If your budget can’t include a new piece of furniture, simply add some gently used pillows & throws to your sofa in different colors and fabrics. What, you say you can’t afford to purchase new throw pillows right now? Most of the accent pillows in my home right now are yard sale finds. As a matter of fact, my favorite accent pillows are definitely from yard sales – along with some great, floral needlepoint designs.

Another way is to add a colorful slipcover! It is so easy to refresh and update your living space! Try moving around your furniture and area rug from boring and square to angled and fun!

With warmer weather coming soon, you can bet I’ll be at yard sales searching for great deals and exciting steals. Get up early with me and you just might find a great chair that will take the style of your living room to a whole new level!

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