“Welcome to My Garden” (XL Wreath)

Spring or Summer Wreath


Would You Like to Learn How to Make a Wreath
Using Simple and Proven Techniques Guaranteed?

et me join you in your home as I teach you how to make a beautiful
front door wreath like this one. 
You have my “Personal Guarantee”! I am
sure I’ll have YOU making your own beautiful artificial outdoor wreaths in no time!

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Learn how to make a beautiful door wreath

 “Welcome to My Garden”

Let me teach you to design this gorgeous wreath!

Learn to make a Beautiful XL Outdoor Wreath like this one.
In this DVD, you’ll feel like I am working & standing right
beside you with my easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

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We start with one of my “Wild Birch” or “Twig Wreath” forms.  You get to watch and learn as I add many loops of honeysuckle vines, and then a large mix of greens.  (We always use many greens in our Ladybug Wreath creations because they make it look like the real thing)!  This front door wreath for spring/summer has several large flowers, so learn how to place each one to create a focal point.

It is easy to just pause the video and implement the steps.  Start and stop your video as many times as necessary so that you can follow along beside me at your speed. Learning how to make decorative outdoor wreaths is something very special!  Take your time and go at the speed you feel comfortable with. I recommend even watching the video all the way through before you even begin making your wreath.  This helps you know which types, sizes, and colors of flowers to buy, as well as the kinds of greens I use in this particular wreath.  You really DO have my guarantee that you can do this!  My explanations are so simple…

 how to make a wreath

You can benefit from my own teaching experiences, which led me to develop many tips and techniques making the entire design process so much easier.  It really does not matter if you are a newbie, or have had some experience in floral design.  In each video, I teach as if you have never made any type of artificial door wreath before.

With all of my experience, I really have tried everything!  I know what works, and I know what does not work.  I learned these secrets the hard way myself, but my videos are designed so that you do not have to learn the hard way as I did.  We go through many basics such as making sure everything is secured into your wreath in such a way that it never comes out.  After all, you want it to last for many years – not just one season.  Sometimes, just the smallest hint can really make such a difference.


As a Matter of Fact…I Guarantee You Can!