No More Dreary Days of Winter!

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I don’t know about you, but the dark,
dreary days of winter always get me down!

I find myself watching the birds outside my office window and dreaming of Spring. I actually can imagine feeling the first warmth of the sun upon my face. I watch for the budding trees, flowers peeping up to open their little faces to the sky (my daffodils, especially).

english garden

I can’t wait to go out and dig in the dirt, reviving each and every secret blossom that is hidden beneath the hard, crusty, snow-covered ground right now!

I LOVE the smell of dirt, I LOVE the feel on my hands, and I LOVE planting flowers in so many different colors. If you know me at all by know, then you know I like lots of color! And…I mix those colors in my garden, just as I do in my wreaths!

So, what do I do when there is snow on the ground and I’m ready for spring?

Well, I do the obvious…I make it spring inside!

First thing is to finish taking down all of the Christmas decorations which you may still have up — and I have to admit — I do still have a few. Well, those are going…TODAY!

Next, I store all of my red and green, or dark colored throws and pillows and replace them with bright beautiful florals, stripes and plaids. In my “Yard Sale Treasures” book, you’ll find how having pillows for each season is NOT expensive!

spring fabrics

I have found some of the most beautiful accent pillows I own at yard sales. I have plenty of them, and I do switch them around for each season…even on my porches! Just doing this, changes the entire feel of our home.

All of this sprucing up will get your home ready for Mothers Day and Easter!

I have become somewhat of an expert on yard sales in my hometown when people see all of my special “finds”. EVERYONE wants to go with me! So, as soon as spring arrives, those who are not at my house before 5:30 a.m. get left behind! We have had two car loads of women at one time flying from tag sale to tag sale.

I move pretty fast when it comes to these early morning treasures so you need your running shoes on to keep up with me! (And don’t tell….but….I tend to make lots of U-turns in the early morning hours when no one else is on the street!) 🙂

In my new Yard Sale book, “Yard Sale Treasures”, that will soon be published, I will instruct and prepare you in acquiring GREAT bargains for your home or even for resale!

Knick-nacks, picture frames, furniture, mirrors, and china are some of my favorite “treasures”.

Another section of my eBook will also show you how to paint, distress, and even paint ivy, flowers, birds, ladybugs, etc. on your special piece. As an extra special surprise, my sweet hubby will follow us around several mornings with our flip video camera showing you what to look for, and definitely what to purchase!

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