Crafter’s Spotlight: Pam Ferguson

I am so pleased to be introducing you to a lady we are celebrating in Crafter’s Spotlight today. Pam Ferguson learned to start designing wreaths from her aunt. Then she found my videos on YouTube and joined Grow With Nancy.  She then signed up for our Etsy Intensives Course. Pam is talented and working hard […]

Crafter’s Spotlight: Dawn Lowry

“I am proud to announce that Dawn Lowry is out next crafter to be featured in the “Crafter Spotlight”.  Dawn began designing wreaths in 2012 and credits her Grandma for “sprinkling” her craftiness down to Dawn. Dawn now enjoys teaching others to design their own beautiful wreaths!” ~Nancy~ I have never considered myself a creative […]

Crafter’s Spotlight: Kayla Hess

I’m happy to add Kayla Hess to “in the spotlight”, our newest addition to Ladybug Wreaths!  I have worked with Kayla for quite some time. She is a member of “Best of Nancy”, and “Etsy Intensives”.  She is also a member of my Ladybug Wreaths Leadership Team.  I’m sure as you read Kayla’s story, you’ll […]

Crafter’s Spotlight: Michele Sigler

I am pleased to present Michele Seigler as our very first “in the spotlight” artisan. Michele found her “hidden gift” only 3 years ago. Since that time, this talented lady’s business has grown and flourished. Michele is a very talented wreath designer. She is a member of our “Best of Nancy” community where she has […]