Crafter’s Spotlight: Dawn Lowry

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001“I am proud to announce that Dawn Lowry is out next crafter to be featured in the “Crafter Spotlight”.  Dawn began designing wreaths in 2012 and credits her Grandma for “sprinkling” her craftiness down to Dawn. Dawn now enjoys teaching others to design their own beautiful wreaths!” ~Nancy~

I have never considered myself a creative person, maybe just a little crafty, especially with things around the house like making my own laundry soap. I started a hobby of making wreaths for myself, mom & sister but within a few weeks it turned into a business.

I took a wreath class at the local college, watched tons of YouTube videos & now teach classes a few times a year myself. I look back at my 2012 wreaths and think “man, someone actually paid money for that?!”Dawy-Lowry-1

With the passing of my very crafty maternal grandmother, I’ve used my wreath business to share the love of Jesus to others. You see, Grandma Williams could make anything. She painted, sewed, crocheted, gardened, grew beautiful roses, and I could go on and on. I believe she “sprinkled” some of that craftiness on me since my wreath making started 6 months after she passed. I love talking to people about my business, and how Jesus and Grandma had all the craftiness, and I’m just the hands that do the work!

I’m Dawn Lowry, owner/designer at Deco’z by Dawn. I create Deco Mesh or grapevine wreaths & swag, cemetery pieces, table arrangements for home or church, mailbox swags, lanterns, garlands & more!

My Facebook page is I take orders through my Facebook page, my personal Facebook page, and do a few local craft shows per year. I also sell at a local store and she also has a Facebook page, East Carolina Monograms. Please pop by either page for a visit sometime! 🙂002


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