Crafter’s Spotlight: Michele Sigler

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MicheleSigler11-1I am pleased to present Michele Seigler as our very first “in the spotlight” artisan. Michele found her “hidden gift” only 3 years ago. Since that time, this talented lady’s business has grown and flourished. Michele is a very talented wreath designer.

She is a member of our “Best of Nancy” community where she has learned how to grow the business of her dreams. Michele is also a member of Etsy Intensives learning how to optimize and grow her Etsy Shop! Please enjoy her wonderful story… ~Nancy~

If you ask anyone that knows me, the last thing that they would tell you is that I was a crafty person. I would have said the same thing before 2013.

It was in 2013 that a co-worker brought a Deco Mesh wreath to the office to place on her door for Christmas. It was beautiful. When I found out that she had made it, I was impressed. So impressed that I decided to attempt my very own wreath.

I watched video tutorials and looked at many pictures of completed wreaths and thought to myself “this won’t be hard at all”. Boy, was I mistaken!MicheleSigler3-400px2

My first wreaths were far from presentable. I look back at pictures and shake my head. I didn’t stop, though. I kept practicing and watched videos over and over.

Once I progressed, I gave a few wreaths as gifts. My husband (who is my biggest supporter and fan) suggested that I post some pics on Facebook. The response blew me away. People were actually commenting “how much”. Really?! Someone wants to pay for my wreaths. That is when That Wreath Lady was born.

I absolutely love to make wreaths. I jokingly tell people that it is my therapy, but it’s true. I have a Facebook business page, website, and an Etsy store. My business has grown larger than I had ever expected.

It is so fulfilling to make something and have people actually want to buy it. It brings such joy to me and to my customers. Finding this hidden talent has really made a difference in my hectic life. It is my “me” time and I am blessed each day.



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