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I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I’m sorry my newsletter is a little late!  My hubby and I had a little bump-up in our cars (both of them)!  We are both fine, but I was pretty sore and really couldn’t sit at my desk too long at a time!


Nancy & Linda, Partners in
Nancy Alexander; Linda Joseph of

I am so excited today because my partner Linda Joseph who lives in Connecticut will be flying in on Wednesday.  The two of us together for five days, and we will both loose our voices because we can’t stop talking!


Linda and I first met in a coaching class by an amazing “mentor”, Jim Cockrum.  We have known each other for about six or seven years, worked off and on together for about five years, but have been “best friends” and partners for three years.  We laugh with each other; we laugh at each other; and when there is a need, we often pray for each other.

You won’t believe this, but Linda and I have never met face to face!  We talk practically every day about business and family.  We Skype each other, and email frequently as we share our growing coaching business:

Linda is a genius with anything technical.  Her Internet skills are beyond comparison.  She is a planner!  and functions best with schedules, charts, and to-do dates.  So… I know I drive her a little crazy when I say:  “I’ve been thinking” as I come up with another of my “inspired” ideas I want to implement today or tomorrow.  Linda can always figure out how to do exactly what I envision, or add to my ideas making them even better!  How great is that?!!


Nancy & Linda -- Right brain, Left brain

Left Brain, Right Brain — Guess Who is Who?



Shhhhh….. Don’t tell Linda this, but my son, Andy and his wife, Stephanie along with Steve and I have been working non-stop trying to get the place in shape for our special visit!

Linda and I are honored to have been asked to speak before the Chamber of Commerce Business Women’s brunch this Friday.  They are very interested in “my story” as I fought a battle with Fibromyalgia and Celiac disease, all the while turning a hometown storefront business into a  very successful Internet Marketing business.

I’ll tell you another secret…just couldn’t have done it without Linda!


Another Exciting Venture for Ladybug Wreaths!

Linda and I will also be taking the first steps into another exciting venture for us both while she is visiting.

We will be going through an “intensive” training program and planning phase for “Ladybug Wreaths”, and “Best of Nancy” with our new business coach, Barb Wade.

I cannot share too much of that yet, but I know you’ll be as excited as we are as these plans unfold and are announced!


Another “Secret Vendor List” Update!!

Nancy...Secret Vendor List Update!
Yes… I have done it again! Steve and I made a trip to my “Favorite Vendor”!  We filmed several hours of video as we toured their 18,000 sq. ft. facility with one of the owners.  After talking to them recently, they said it was the perfect time to pay a visit.


CHRISTMAS IS IN!!  Christmas is everywhere.


I have never seen so much deco mesh in one place before.  There are new patterns, materials, and accents for this year that are exclusive ONLY to this vendor (my favorite vendor).

We spent the day and were taken to lunch by one of the owners.  Our discussions were very informative as we got to talk to him about styles, and new colors, along with his frequent trips to China.

They design new patterns, materials, and styles, as well as adding new colors.  So at least for the first year, and maybe even the second, their new designs can only be purchased through their company.

After these new designs have been on the market for a couple of years, they are beginning to be copied by other vendors.  But, don’t worry, our vendor is always ahead of the game designing more and more each year, as they stay way ahead of the game!

12 Responses

    1. Yes, Lori, most all of them do. There are maybe a couple which don’t. Do you have my Secret Vendor List? They are all listed in there.

      Thanks for visiting! Nancy

  1. I to have fibromyalgia and am a caregiver for my 82 year young husband who has Alzheimers. I can,t afford your products but i have taken advantage of your free wreath making videos and i can escape for a time making wreaths. You have been an inspirition to me and have given me an escape route when i need to get away from it for awhile. Gods blessings on you. Thank you for all you do and i truly enjoy your newsletters.

    1. Aw, thank you Geneva. I’m so very sorry you are both having to endure so many trials with sickness.

      I am very happy to hear that my free videos are an outlet for you. I hope to film another in the next couple of weeks.

      God bless you too! And, thanks for taking the time to send me a comment. God Bless you both! Nancy

  2. i sure would like to see some of the deco-mesh in some of your designs. that would be so fun and helpful. the younger customers demand it almost. thank you for everything.

    1. Judy… :o)…. Don’t you know I ALWAYS have something up my sleeve LOL??!!

      My mind just won’t stop. I am wearing me and Linda out!

      It is a true blessing, and SO MUCH FUN!

      More coming soon! Smiles… Nancy

  3. Can’t wait for your up and coming ideas!!–I love deco mesh & very interested in seeing new ideas & materials. Enjoy your visit with Linda –sounds like your “soul sister”——–Lynn Bowen

    1. Thank you Lynn for visiting today. Yes, we have so many ideas, our brains are spinning! New things coming up with Deco Mesh also, so keep watching!

      Keep watching my website, and in my newsletters!

      Smiles.. Nancy

  4. Hi Nancy,

    I am so happy for all of you. You are a busy lady and I appreciate all the hard work all of you put into all the things you offer all of us. Thank you so much. When is the new vendor list coming out? This is all so exciting. I love flowers too. I eat, drink and sleep flowers. I think you know what I mean. Anyway, congratulations to you and May God Bless.

    Janice E Dick

    1. Hey Janice!

      Thank you so much. It is hard work, but SO much fun. I am working on the edits for the new SVL videos right now. I had to purchase a new program to edit them — my old one just couldn’t keep up — LOL.

      And, I do know that you eat, drink and sleep flowers. I’m always seeing your name popping up. It’s great to hear from you.

      Smiles… Nancy

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