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Overcoming Obstacles & Obtaining Success:

“Inspirational Success Stories…” by,  Jim Cockrum…   Linda and I had a surprise yesterday!  Jim Cockrum, author of (, sent out his weekly newsletter which reaches over 100,000 people.  The

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God, Family, Life & Work My life’s goal is to make a difference in the lives of others by sharing with them the gift that God has so richly blessed

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No… “You” Inspire me!

I have been receiving emails, comments, and notes from my customers for many years. They are becoming more and more frequent now. They mean so much to me touching my heart and my life in ways I cannot explain – inspiring me to do more, teach more, and film more to help you reach your life goals and dreams. Many of you say that I am an inspiration to you, but, it is just the opposite! YOU are an inspiration to me

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A New Morning…

 “I Can Be Cured” By, Nancy Alexander From Fibro… to Freedom…   It is a new morning… the sun is just starting to rise.  This day will never “be” again! 

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This is Why…

I received this email this morning. When I get emails such as this (and I receive them weekly, sometimes daily), my heart is broken. It is broken because ladies, and sometimes men too, go through extreme pain, hurt, withdrawal, and even disbelief from doctors, friends and family when they come down with this mysterious ailment — Fibromyalgia. They have to go way too long before finding the correct help and cure! AND YES… THERE IS A CURE!!

So many women write me for help! I want to help them! I want to tell them exactly what to do to get well! I want to tell them they ARE NOT crazy! I want to tell their husbands, their children, and their friends that they need respect, they need comfort, they need top notch medical care along with BELIEF that they are really sick with a “legitimate” disease!

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What Foods Can I Eat?

Well, God has changed my life through my new “healthy” life style and through the marvelous doctors my husband and I found who knew immediately what was killing me (yes, you did hear me right), and who knew what immediate and major changes I needed to make in the foods I ate .
But, Thank You Lord! I am healthy, and I am starting to flourish at the “young” age of 60…feeling better than I have felt since I was 29 years old! And, it is all because of what I eat (and some natural supplements I’ll talk about later). I am going to go over the foods I eat with you today, and then in another post, I’ll delve more into details.

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Fibromyalgia…Yes, I am Being Cured!

If you suffer from Fibromyalgia, you’ll be more informed as you understand what is going on with your body — and — information in addition to understanding goes hand in hand in leading to a cure
Don’t give up! PLEASE do not give up!!! I almost did,and now my life is so totally different. I am blessed, I am almost cured, and I truly believe with all my heart that you can be too!

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I Love Vacations

    "I Love Vacations" By, Nancy Alexander   Probably for Reasons Different Than Most…     Yes, I know…Everyone Loves Vacations! My reasons are different than most.  Truthfully, I

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God’s Plans Led to an Amazing Friendship…

Through a dear friendship God has shown me very recently that He continues to follow through with His plans for my life in awesome ways, but in doing so, He has ended up using my own life to complete His plans in the life of another.

For some reason, I had an intuition or a feeling that her sweet, inviting spirit, which could only be from God, could soothe my heart. I never got up the nerve to make that call on my own. God was leading me to take a step that I could not or did not take, so he took charge and made that first step for me. “For I know the plans I have for you…”
God turned the tables and amazed us both. His plans were two-fold. Silly me… to have thought God brought Laurie into “my” life to help “me” rise above situations I couldn’t handle alone. Do you see? Did you get this? Me… me… I was thinking only of me and my pain!
Oh, but God had GREAT plans for us that day! I took picture after picture after picture. The setting was perfect, the lighting was perfect, and Laurie looked beautiful. God was present at our photo shoot! I took 850 pictures that day, and these were the best pictures I had ever taken. I know it was because God’s hands were steadying my hands that day.

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