Overcoming Obstacles & Obtaining Success Video:

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I had a wonderful opportunity to speak in front of the Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce, Women in Business. They have a brunch once a quarter targeted at local women in business.

This was an awesome opportunity but terrifying at the same time! BUT, I did it and found out that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. God calmed my fears and I was able to just speak from heart and the talk went quite well.

(Thanks Steve, my dear husband, for filming this video. Thank Linda Joseph, my friend, for joining me.)



4 Responses

  1. Nancy you are a real blessing. I have been battling with health issues too since 2001. Rhematoid Arthritic and diabetes. Some days I feel fine other days i dont. I have done all my internet work myself and much of it I have not been that great at it. I am 59 years old and all the internet work sometimes is intimidating. I want to do some upgrading etc. The Lord has given me much grace and I am trusting that if you can do it so can i. Say a prayer for me. I enjoyed you and Linda speeches today it was encouraging. I want to build my business to have something to leave to my children and grandchildren. I had been sick so long I feel like I am starting over late. I am on the mailing list.
    I want to upgrade all my designs and the look of my business. I also would like to try my hand at the wreaths but only as an accent to my booths when i go out to do shows. I plan to purchase your book soon. Things have been slow and i feel now that i have not been using the internet tools the way I should. I am so glad I found you online you are such an inspiration!

    1. Thank you Constance for the comment! I am so sorry to hear you have been sick for so long — I know how that feels. You say you are 59 and just starting over? Well, I’m here to tell you, it can certainly be done! I know, because I did it, and I am continuing to do it. As long as we are in God’s will, there is no limitation as to what we can accomplish!

      We would love for you to join us in http://www.BestofNancy.com. I believe that is where you can receive the training you need to get a jump-start. And, the Secret Vendor List will certainly help you when you are ready to purchase it!

      Thanks Again, I will be praying for you! Smiles.. Nancy

  2. That was a great video. I wish you both lived next door to me so I could pick your brain everyday. You wouldn’t like it because I would make a complete annoyance of myself.
    Thanks for all your help. You are both so encouraging. Sue

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