Do You Feel Like Your Business is Stuck?

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When Your Business is Stuck

You’re stuck when you have so many plans, goals, and dreams; you’re not sure which path to take in order to accomplish any of them.

Do you really want to move forward –
to sell your handmade items online – but don’t know how?
Do you want to become a success, but are afraid?

I’m READY to Move Forward!

You certainly don’t want to make the wrong decision… or the wrong choice… or follow the wrong path.  If you’re like me, when you don’t know which choice to make, you and your business can easily become stuck!

I’m always the one who puts too much pressure on me; I always have been!

This pressure can lead to anxiety and then no action at all.

Believe me; I have been there way too many times.  I made up my mind one day that I was NOT going to stay there! It’s so easy to run into this wall of fear and indecision and just give up.  Since you’re not sure of the right choice, you don’t make a choice at all!

Today, I want to encourage you to “Not give up”, Make a choice!  Take a chance!  

I Want to Make the RIGHT Choice!

In order to succeed, you MUST keep pushing forward.  You MUST keep making choices – even if they may be the wrong choices.  I want you to know that if I had NEVER made any wrong choices – I would have NEVER enjoyed the sense of accomplishment that goes along with the right choices.

I truly do now have the business of my dreams; well, actually it is the business I could have NEVER let myself begin to dream of!  I make many choices and decisions every day.  Some are right… and some are wrong.  But, I Don’t Give Up! Giving up is NOT a choice anymore…

You MUST keep pushing forward, even when you’re discouraged, and uninspired.  You will NEVER know what the other side looks like unless you do!

If you’re on the other end of this email, you have already joined the ranks of those who don’t give up!

Giving up is NOT my Choice Anymore!

You’re not in the 90% of women who dream and never take action!
You’re in the 10% of women growing businesses and selling online!

Take another step… make another choice and join me in…
ETSY Intensives Training!


Let me teach you how to FULLY Optimize your ETSY Shop so you can sell your beautiful handmade creations online.  ETSY is the first choice for Artisans to bring put their products in front of billions of shoppers.  I hope to see YOU and am SO anxious to work hand-in-hand with YOU!

PS:  Take a chance with ME!  I guarantee you won’t regret it… We’ll have so much fun watching YOUR business grow together!

2 Responses

  1. Hello my name is Danna Sanchez
    I love watching all your videos and wreath designs. I have been making deco mesh wreaths and flower arrangements for over 2 years now
    my little business started when I got pregnant and had know other choice but to quite my job due to complications .
    I feel now my dreams and motivation is just not there selling is very hard where I live and know one wants to spend what I put into my wreaths.
    I take time and love my job and put a lot of creativity in my work .
    I just don’t want to give up I have so many thoughts and designs in my head but sometimes don’t have the money to designs everything I would like to .
    I get very discouraged and just want to give up at times . I don’t sale on Esty but would love to some day.
    Thank you Danna

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