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Etsy Intensives Training Has all You’ll NeedTo Sell Your Designs Online! 

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Learn About the New Changes in Etsy Intensives:

Are you tired of pricing your designs way too low in order to sell them?

Are you struggling to keep your prices low enough to sell your handmade creations in your hometown?  Are you sick and tired of investing money into a hobby that brings such joy – but not nearly enough income?

Selling my own Handmade Wreath Designs was hard as a brand new business.  I sold in my hometown for years.  But, after closing my Storefront Business, I still wanted to sell, so I had to figure out how.  You are blessed with opportunities & training such as this at your fingertips.  I had neither.


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I Tried These First Before Finding What Really Worked

  • Selling on consignment
  • Renting spaces in three separate booths in upscale antique and gift shops
  • Craft shows wore me out, I knew I could never do them again
  • Building a website didn’t make people come – I was lost among millions of sites
  • EBay worked great in the beginning – but then dramatically changed for the worse

I found a “Tried & True” e-Commerce SiteIt was… ETSY


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In Over 35 years in Business,I’ve Seen & Experienced Just About Everything.I’ll Share With you How I Chose Etsy After Lookingat Many Different Options & Opportunities…

Etsy is an online selling e-commerce platform reaching the type of customers who appreciate how much time, expertise, and cost of materials go into handmade items.  They are known for having a great reputation for promoting “handmade”.

Etsy, which started in June of 2005, has 16 million active sellers and 25 million active buyers.  The number of items listed for sale on Etsy as of May, 2016 were 35 million. Etsy’s recorded gross merchandise sales in 2015 were $2.39

Other interesting stats are:  women are the main sellers on Etsy totaling 86%. 

Their higher priced items with a quality look and feel were exactly what I was searching for.  I believe it is easier to price your handmade goods at a price they’re worth in an e-commerce store such as Etsy.

After all, if you devalue your items by pricing them too low, your potential customers will believe they are only worth the price you’re asking.  On Etsy, I feel comfortable asking the price I believe my wreath designs are worth.


Already Have an Etsy Shop That’s Not Performing?

Then Your Etsy Shop Needs Revamping

My team and I can teach you to re-optimize and overhaul your shop to attract traffic and sell!

As you can see by the testimonials below, many of our Etsy Intensive students already had their own Etsy shop set up and running.  But, they had practically given up because of a lack of sales; deciding they would never be able to master Etsy as others were doing.

“I don’t see how others’ shops are doing so well, when mine just Is Not”, I heard many say.

I’ll tell you why.  I have done many Etsy shop critiques on non-preforming shops.  As soon as I went through each shop pointing out what needed to be optimized and changed, listings showing up on pages 100 and up suddenly moved to Page 1 – and even… Position 1 on Page 1.

So, if you do have an Etsy shop, but are not selling as you wish you could.  Please!  Don’t give up! 

My team and I can work with you – we can instruct and guide you to make the necessary changes an Etsy shop needs to move up in Etsy Search, Google Search, and Attract Shoppers!

Many People Have Been Asking Me to Help ThemSet Up Their ETSY Shops.  They Want toBenefit From my Experience, So I CreatedThis 5-Week Self-Study Etsy Training Program


Let us Take you by the Hand & Teach You Etsy

Sue Mellette went through my Etsy Intensives TrainingListen to what Sue has to say:

With Our “ETSY INTENSIVES” TrainingYou’ll go Through ALL the StepsNeeded to Set up YOUR Own ETSY Shop!

I was very successful in eBay; reaching “Power Seller” status after only 6 short months. For years, I was quietly bringing in substantial amounts for my wreaths as they were bid upwards of $300 to $400 – even more, as I shipped 10 to 30 wreaths a week!  I became used to customers knowing me and my work as they recognized my unique & different designs.

Already an experienced seller, I knew what to look for; I was thrilled when I checked out Etsy. First of all, Etsy fees were WAY less than eBay.

Etsy didn’t have the same traffic as eBay, but there was more direct traffic reaching the type of customers I wanted to reach.  When I looked at their fees, and how to list my first wreath, I was thrilled!  It was nothing like eBay, but that was a good thing.

The fact that their platform was designed to entice mostly ladies while attracting sellers who are crafters of handmade items made it my choice very quickly.

Why Choosing ETSY Was Easy

  • No monthly membership fee for a store – NO COST to set up your shop!
  • Cost of listing an item is only .20 for four months
  • Etsy fees are only 3.5% of the selling price
  • Direct and easy checkout
  • Options are offered to promote listings
  • Sell Options also offered
  • Easy auto-renew if your item doesn’t sell

Wreaths I Have Sold on Etsy

Christmas Wreaths 

 I Want to Share in Your Excitement As We Set up Your Online ETSY Shop!

 Our 5-Week Self-Study Etsy Training CourseLets you Study at Your Own Pace You can Learn All the Basics forMaking Money Selling Your Designs On Etsy!

Who Should Take This Class:

  • Any “Artisan” with handmade items or supplies
  • You have tried selling in your hometown with no success
  • You have a desire to grow your business and your brand
  • Extra household income is needed
  • You want to experience the joy that selling online can bring

Who Should NOT Take This Class:

  • You are happy designing your handmade items to give as gifts
  • You don’t need to bring in extra income
  • You have no desire to start a profitable business
  • You don’t like dealing with customers
  • You have no computer skills :(a basic computer skills class should be first)


Reasons Why Many Artisans Haven’t Set up Their Own Etsy Shop Yet, or Don’t Have an Etsy Shop that is Performing Well…

  • “This is really scary; I might fail.”
  • “I don’t know where to start setting up an Etsy shop.”
  • “I set up my Etsy shop & have no sells, so I’m giving up.”
  • “I couldn’t learn unless someone leads me step-by-step.”
  • “Other’s shops look really professional; I can’t compete.”
  • “Too many sellers sell the same thing as me.”
  • “I see many well-written descriptions and pages; I try, but mine aren’t the same.”
  • “Looks like everyone has a really nice Banner – way too expensive.”

Here are the Reasons Why I Know YOU Can Have an Etsy Shop set up to Attract Traffic to Your Listings…

  • Scary is good – failure is good – when you overcome your fear, your confidence grows.
  • My team and I will walk with you step-by-step, as your confidence grows.
  • It’s okay if you don’t have an Etsy shop now, with Etsy Intensives you will!
  • Even if you DO have an Etsy shop – we can teach you how to optimize it to sell.
  • Videos, Live Webinars, Q&As, and hand-holding by my team and I are what you need.
  • Your shop can look just as professional as mine with “Nancy time” and training.
  • There’s never too much competition! Millions upon millions shop the Internet every day.
  • Competition is good – it brings more lookers, shoppers and buyers to your product.
  • You certainly can compete; we’ll make sure to bring traffic to you.
  • “About me” pages and Banners are easy! We’ll show you how.


Nancy’s Inner Circle

 Nancy’s Inner Circle (Previously Known as Best of Nancy)

If you need support when going through Etsy Intensives Training, you can join us in Nancy’s Inner Circle.

In this community, you’ll have access to all the training you will need as you grow your business with Etsy, as well as many other online resources. In this awesome group, you’ll have access to Nancy and her team as you learn how to optimize your own Etsy shop.

You’ll find the Inner Circle private Facebook group especially helpful as you come across things you may need to discuss with the experts as well as your peers. We are in there every day answering your questions as well as giving you advice and encouragement.  We love for you to post photos of your Shop, your listings, and your keyword choices so we can help you. You need to make the right choices, but to do so, you need to be informed. Being informed helps you make the right choices which can make or break your Etsy sales.

With our assistance as well as encouragement from many other Etsy Intensive graduates, you won’t be doing this alone.  It makes such a difference when there is someone to bounce your ideas off of, as well as giving you confidence and encouragement with each and every step!


Below You’ll Find Testimonials From Many of our Very Happy Etsy Intensives Students!

I made a few changes on this listing in the title. In ETSY I searched up to 16,000 results and could not find my wreath. But, after following Nancy’s instructions, it moved up to Page 1, #413 in Etsy Search!  Right now I am desperately trying to “stock up” my Etsy Shop with wreaths for the upcoming season. They’re selling faster than I can build up inventory. That’s a good thing but when I get orders to recreate a wreath I need to tend to that order first before creating something new. By the way. My views and shop favors are building faster than ever before. I have figured out for every 400-500 views, I sell a wreath

Roxane Daigle – Louisiana

Hallie Sue Wells I am so looking forward to this! I have already watched the Fun with Banners video and loved it. I want to watch it again and work on a new banner. Thank you for creating this great training.

Hallie Sue Wells

Absolutely Amazing Session Nancy! I feel like I’m back in grad school again! lol. I have printed out the Power Point Slides and plan to listen to the session again tonight so I can more notes. I stopped taking in depth notes during the session so I didn’t miss information. Can you tell I taught study skills when I was a college professor?

Paula Jayne Wirfel – Pennsylvania

Thank you Nancy! I am definitely in the right place! I opened an Etsy Shop last week to see how complicated it would be! After dealing with that and opening a business Facebook page and trying to take pictures, I knew I needed to invest in this class.  Now that it’s over, I can honestly say the Etsy training has been amazing!  It exceeded my expectations.  Nancy, thank you for the recorded webinars we can listen to over and over.  I have already done that and each time, I hear something new and master another piece to the puzzle.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Sandy Thomas – Ohio

I would like to share my thoughts with you on the Etsy Intensives webinar that I’m taking. For several years, selling wreaths on Etsy has been on my mind. Thank you for offering this webinar. It has given me the knowledge and confidence to start my shop. There has been so much valuable information given to us that I could not have learned on my own. The webinar has truly exceeded my expectations. It is great to know that we will continue to have access to the “Prosper with Etsy ” facebook page after this course is completed. Etsy will continue to change, and we will be able to keep up with the changes. I highly recommend the ” Etsy Intensives” webinar to anyone aspiring to sell their product on Etsy! It is a great value!

Anne G. Crump – North Carolina

I already had a shop.  My shop needed so many changes and optimizations – I had no idea!  I thought I was doing very well…but cannot stress enough what Nancy has taught us that will help me in many ways to come.  I had a blast using the tools you suggested! I played around with numerous tag names, wreath shapes, season preference, flowers, colors and more! My Listings are ALL NOW on the First pages of Etsy Search!  Thank you, Nancy for all you do!

Debbie Montgomery – Oklahoma

I’ve finished downloading the Power Point slides, and now I’m working on my homework. I’m still deciding if I want to pinch myself and wake up from my dream!!  I’m just so overjoyed about this whole new journey with Nancy and her team.  You ‘betcha bottom dollar’, I’m in for the ride.  I truly value your expertise and I know what hard work is (22 1/2 years military), and what you all are doing.  It just pleases my heart how you are giving of yourselves.  Love you all!

Deborah Farler – Oklahoma

I have a praise for the Etsy Intensive classes.  I now have 15 wreaths listed on Etsy and every one of them is on page one.  The training I have enjoyed can’t be beat!  Thank you Nancy and your team for these wonderful classes!

Judy Precise – Pennsylvania

Nancy Alexander, I can’t thank you enough for your time and talent.  I have my shop in far better shape than it was.  I just sold my second wreath – it’s such a wonderful feeling!  I’ve spent most of the day tweaking and revising my listings on Etsy. So far I have them all in either page one or at least the top 5 pages in Etsy Search! Now, I finished two new wreaths today – listing them both and kept tweaking my title and tags getting them both on Page #1, Position #2. Woop Woop! Thank you Nancy Alexander

Andrea Ashley


  • Session 1 – Getting Started
    • Setting up username, account & shop name
    • Getting paid
    • Opening your shop
    • Info & appearance
    • Creating the right message to buyers
    • Social media links
    • Design your own banner
  • Session 2 – Your Message
    • Info and Appearance (Part 2)
    • Message to buyers
    • Shop policies
    • Welcome message
    • Refunds & exchanges
    • Learn to take and edit photos
  • Session 3 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Relevancy
    • Keyword research
    • Keyword phrases & long tail keywords
    • Etsy search algorithm & relevancy
    • Product competition
    • Set up shop title & announcement
  • Session 4 – Optimizing Your Page
    • Titles
    • Relevancy phrases
    • Descriptive terms
    • Tags & descriptions
    • Targeted keyword phrase
    • Writing the perfect description
    • Pricing formula
  • Session 5 – Driving Traffic
    • Coupons & promoted listings
    • Social media
    • Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram
    • Posting & visual advertising
    • Business accounts
    • Optimize profiles



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What’s The Value of All This?

Considering the potential income your Etsy Shop can give you if it is set up right – where you could generate $500 to $1000 per month, the investment in this course is worth every penny – much more

If we added up the value of everything you will receive in this 6-week intensive course, it would be well over $3,000.

YOUR INVESTMENT IS $447 Or, for NANCY’S INNER CIRCLE members,You have online access as long as you are a member.

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