Need a Quick and Easy Wreath for Easter?

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I Can Hardly Believe Easter is in two Days!

Spring is on its way way, and this weekend is Easter!

Where has time gone?  It is flying by so fast!  Since Easter is this Sunday, we’ll talk just a little about quick and easy ways to decorate! 
We will have our grandchildren here so I have purchased some egg-dying kits like I used used as a child.  I was disappointed to find that they no longer add the clear wax crayons you used to find in their kits.  But, here is an idea – use crayons to color circles and zig-zags on your eggs before you dye them…it works wonderfully!
dye easter eggs

If you don’t have an Easter wreath, you can use your spring or summer wreath with a little addition!

All of the craft and hobby stores have Easter decorations half price right now.  Find a cute bunny, a wooden one or a stuffed one is just fine.  Get one which is not too large or too small for your wreath.  A good rule of thumb is a size that would fit right in the middle circle of your wreath.  You can attach this bunny, or other decoration by tying it in with a pipe cleaner.  And, just remove it right after Easter!  Great idea… and Voila!  You have an Easter wreath!

This is a perfect wreath to turn into an Easter wreath.  I’m picturing a cute “floppy ear” bunny on the right side, and decorated Easter eggs on sticks that you can tuck in right now, and then remove later.  Use your imagination! 🙂  Anything is possible!  Then, remove it right after Easter!

It’s a GREAT time to purchase a really cute Easter Basket to be a centerpiece on your table.  Be creative…adding some of your hand-dyed eggs, maybe a little ivy, along with some tasty chocolates.  You don’t need to have children around to enjoy Easter!  And let’s not forget the REAL reason for the Easter season….

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