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Styles, Trends and Colors

What is your decorating style?

Is your style timeless, or does it change with every new style and trend for each season? I learned a valuable lesson a long time ago, which totally changed my “decorating style”. Mine is now timeless!!

But, I’ll have to admit…there were years early on in my life when my style wasn’t timeless…yes… I did it too! Oh boy! Did I really do it!

I changed colors with every trend. When blue and yellow and white were so popular, I really did paint the walls blue and used those off-white ruffled country curtains which were gathered and tied back into “swoops”. Oh… yuck! I am sorry if any of you are still using those, but I quickly became very tired of looking at blue walls along with my country curtains!

My life – my home – and my style are so totally different now that I look around sometimes to see where that other woman went! Was it really me? Or was it someone who took over my body for a while and had some totally weird decorating ideas?

Well, whoever it was…she is gone, Thank Heavens!bedroom

She (Nancy) came to her senses, and now loves her home, her colors, and her style!

I wouldn’t dare stick with only one, or two, or three colors when decorating. I laugh sometimes when I am writing about decorating or my home because I can purchase anything in any color that I like, and it will “go” in my home! Do you know why?

My home is filled with every color! Yes, you did hear me right. There are some colors which I am just naturally drawn to, so you will find more of those in my home. But, nonetheless, there is not a single color I would be afraid to add. It is a good feeling to know that something I really like – no matter what the color – will look really good in my home.

Here is a hint: Always choose basic colors for wall paint that would match any other color. When choosing fabric for a sofa, pick a design whether it is a plaid, or a floral which has many colors in it. This way, as you introduce more colors into your home there is something which ties them all together.

As you can see in the picture above of our bedroom, the walls are painted a clean, light color which does not clash with any color I choose to use.

Don’t ever use white for your walls, however. White is way too “stark” a color and really does not accent other colors you may use.

In this room, I have used many colors…and on the other side which you do not see, there are many more! But…the small sofa in the middle has every color which I used! Actually, I can move this couch into any room in my home and it looks great! It has been in many rooms, since I move furniture around quite often!

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