story5We are thrilled to introduce to you Amy Smith, our “Crafter’s Spotlight” of the week. Amy has been making wreaths for over three years while working a full-time job. She hopes to soon leave her job to grow her business.

Hi y’all….a BIG Southern Welcome from your Ba Bam gal- Amy. I am honored to tell my story of how I began in the wonderful world of wreaths. Let’s take this back nearly 3 years ago; I was working as a Safety Supervisor in a crane company- mainly a male dominated field.

My office had the feel of hard hats and safety vest. It was not much on the welcoming side and I just knew I had il_570xN.1030456631_bg1uto find a way to dress it up. So, I went out and purchased curtains, vases, pictures, candles and anything else to brighten it up and make it an inviting place. Well, inviting it was and it got noticed.

I had a co-worker who brought a proposal of something she saw on Pinterest , and she had faith I could make it. She said a woman who can decorate an office like that has got the goods to create. She had asked me to make her a wreath and thus my story begins.

I was never one to turn down a creative opportunity. From that first wreath I was hooked. I fell in love with the craft. I opened my Etsy shop almost 3 years ago and I still love it just as much if not more than the day I started. I find great joy in expressing myself thru my wreaths. I find even more joy that others love my work/heart. I count myself blessed that I have been able to make money doing something I love.

lacey13Currently, I still work as a Safety Supervisor but the dream is to one day get to stay home with my kids while making a living. That goal/dream is attainable, it is near, I am just so thankful for those along the way who have believed in me and I am thankful God helped me to believe in myself. So have faith, have confidence in who you are and the talents God has given you. I find creating wreaths is much more than a hobby….it can be a ministry if we let it be. My son Beau and daughter Lacy.

Have a Blessed Day,

Amy Smithstory4

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