Crafter’s Spotlight: Susan Chronister

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Crafter'sSpotlight We are delighted to introduce to you Susan Chronister, our “Crafter’s Spotlight” of the week. Susan began crafting at a young age being taught by her grandmother the joy of crafting. Susan designs quilted ornaments and is busy growing her business.

Nothing Means More Than A Gift That Is Handmade….
Hi, I’m Susan and I’m going to tell you a little about myself and how I started making my beautiful ornaments.

When I was young, my Grandmother taught me how to craft. She taught me how to sew, how to crochet, how to knit. She always saved her scrapes, no matter how small they were because she knew that someday I was going to make something out of it.

I’ve always made Handmade Gifts for Christmas. Each Grandchild was made a handmade blanket when they were born. And a handmade ornament to start their tradition of a different ornament each year. Both our sons’ are in their thirties, and it’s fun to watch at Christmas the stories each ornament from the past brings.

These ornaments are no different. I love making these quilted ornaments. I get requests for sports teams, special characters a child loves, or their favorite color. Ifquilted ornaments I can find the fabric….I can make it.

It all started in September of 2014. I FELL IN LOVE with the way these ornaments looked, and FELL IN LOVE with making them. I just made a couple for the family. They loved them . They showed friends. I showed my neighbors and friends and within this first year, I can PROUDLY say I have sold over one hundred ornaments.

So, THANK YOU everyone who has BELIEVED in me. Especially my Wonderful, Wonderful Husband. My biggest supporter!!!! Because of him, JC’s Handmade Quilted Ornaments is now a growing home business.

Ornaments have always been a Special Part of our Holidays. They always had some kind of story or memory behind them. So, I hope you look around my shop, see if you see anything that would be special for someone or brings back a memory.

Now a little about my family and my supporters! I am a Wife to a WONDERFUL, SUPPORTIVE HUSBAND, Mother to two boys, and a Grandmother to six Grandkids.

familyYou can see my shop at THE QUILTED ORNAMENT SHOP by JCQuiltedOrnaments
or my Facebook page…

Thanks for stopping by….


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