Crafter’s Spotlight: Kayla Hess

I’m happy to add Kayla Hess to “in the spotlight”, our newest addition to Ladybug Wreaths!  I have worked with Kayla for quite some time. She is a member of “Best of Nancy”, and “Etsy Intensives”.  She is also a member of my Ladybug Wreaths Leadership Team.  I’m sure as you read Kayla’s story, you’ll […]

Crafter’s Spotlight: Michele Sigler

I am pleased to present Michele Seigler as our very first “in the spotlight” artisan. Michele found her “hidden gift” only 3 years ago. Since that time, this talented lady’s business has grown and flourished. Michele is a very talented wreath designer. She is a member of our “Best of Nancy” community where she has […]

My Path to Selling on Etsy

“How Did You Start Selling” I get asked this question all the time. Starting to sell on Etsy happened as sort of a progression in my life and in my business. I began 35 years ago making my handmade crafts to sell at craft shows, the newest and greatest selling venue at the time. It […]