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I Would Really LOVE to Meet You!

Do You Now Own, Or Plan on Starting Your Own Internet Business?

CES Conference if the place to meet ALL of the most trusted, well-known & successful Internet Marketers EVER…

This Conference will be going into depth about the three online business models which Jim Cockrum, himself, teaches.  There will be many successful students as well as experts teaching on each topic. The keynote speaker this year is Rabbi Daniel Lapin, author of "Thou Shalt Prosper" and "Business Secrets From The Bible".


Last year's conference has made a huge difference in our lives, and our businesses. 


I was honored to be one of the presenters at last year's conference in Orlando, Florida.  To be able to speak along with some of the most successful and gracious marketers on the Internet was an awesome experience. 

I would love for you to attend this one if you ever want to quit your day job and join us as we work from home.  One of Jim's goals is to "bring dads home".  These men (and women) work from home supporting their families in a way they would have never been able to do with a "boss".



Have you heard of Barrington McIntosh?  Barrington is from Jamaica, and was one of the Presenters at the CES conference in Orlando last year.  

Well, he just happens to be THE expert on International Selling through Amazon in the UK, Canada, Japan, France… and I could just go on and on.   You will learn from men and women just like Barrington and his wife, Sara, at the Dallas Conference this year!   CLICK HERE to view a video about our class with Barrington as we learned how to set up an Amazon UK seller account.

These are the men who know how to set up these profitable business as you sell globally. 


Nancy Alexander

President at Ladybug Wreaths
Overcoming Fibromyalgia & Celiac I Now Teach Others to Make Door Wreaths & Sell Them on the Internet!

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