I’ve Been Missing You!

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I’ve Been so Busy,
I’ve Missed Staying in Touch

It seems like it has already been a long, hot summer here in Anderson, SC.

There is always a lot going on in our lives. Ladybug Wreaths is growing and changing. It’s definitely keeping me, Steve, and our Ladybug Wreath team on their toes!

Speaking of Steve, he is getting ready to retire the first of next year. You would think that might mean I’m going to be retiring soon too, right? Well, absolutely not!

Actually, Steve is retiring because our businesses have grown so quickly that he needs to begin working here with me. I’m really looking forward to it, and I think (?) Steve is too… ha ha! Well, we will see. He will be taking over our Amazon business as well as helping me as we continue to grow Ladybug Wreaths. He has already been calling himself “Mr. Ladybug”!

Maybe on the Cover of my New Book??

0002180_pp2 Final-h751I finished my “Wild Woodsy”, Natural Wreath-making book for Stackpole publishers!! WooHoo

Boy, that was more than I expected. I guess I must think I’m Super Woman, because I always believe I can accomplish much more than is humanly possible in a very short period of time.

This truly took a tole on my fibro. I spent over 7 weeks working in my studio with a photographer while demonstrating many different aspects of wreath design through photos. Then I needed to begin writing text to go along with each photo. Yes, that did take me 4 times longer than I expected!

I received an email back from the publisher and he said: “I am really excited about the book you sent me. Not only did you meet my expectations, but you exceeded them. And, my expectations for you were very high!”

There is a downside to being a perfectionist like me. It had to be perfect. Each photo had to show exactly what I was doing with the correct lighting. Oh yes, I failed to mention I was blessed with the most awesome photographer ever.

He was talented, patient, kind, and went to all lengths to capture what I was doing through each and every image. I am so blessed that God sent me the best through some trying circumstances.

Would You Like to see a Few Book Photos?




Have you Joined Grow With Nancy yet?

Friday we had a sort of a different day in Grow With Nancy. It was a “Surprise” posting day. We totally opened up the news feed to all our members so they could show off their handmade items. We will be having more “Surprise” posting days… but, you never what they will be!
We are always hosting “Show & Tell” Tuesdays, where everyone shows off their latest designs. We definitely look forward to those! There are some of the prettiest and most unusual handmade items you have ever seen. I have to tell you – we have some of the most talented ladies ever in one place.
Are you a member yet? Grow With Nancy is a FREE, Facebook group. All you have to do is request to become a member, and we’ll approve you immediately. 
Come on over!! You will definitely be welcomed by our amazing community with open arms. We’d love to have you! 🙂

Do You Love Contests? I’m Glad Because we Have an Awesome One Going on Right Now!

In exactly 30 days, we will hold a drawing from all of our Facebook group members. The winner of this drawing will receive a one year membership to our paid online community, http://www.bestofnancy.com.
Best of Nancy is an exciting community because this is where you can learn to grow a profitable online business. Besides all the training we have waiting for you… there are free how-to-make-a-wreath videos, articles, and discounts on many Ladybug Wreaths products! You’ll LOVE it!

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