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Owner of Ladybug Wreaths
I am so thrilled that Ladybug Wreaths finally has a brand new website!  Linda, my partner, and I have strived to make this site very easy to navigate from the top navigation bar.  You can find all of my products very easily from there.

I have a new “Blog”, where I will write posts for you as well as expand on newsletter articles.

Due to popular demand, a brand new section covers “Coaching”.  There are several different types of coaching available to fit your needs as well as your pocket book.

I just know you’ll LOVE the “Custom Wreaths” section where you can see wreaths from all seasons scrolling for you to browse.  Then, of course, there is “My Story” which most of you know already, but if not, you should read how many things in my life led me to where I am right now – so that I could encourage and teach YOU.

It was hard to choose “Testimonials” for this page.  There are so many that I’ll be rotating these out so you can be inspired by the stories of my students.  “Contact” is where you can reach me with any questions.

And, last, but not least is “Site Review”, which is the page you are on now.  Please place your comments, praises, requests or questions here.  If there is something you want to see on this site, tell me, and I’ll see what I can do.  If you see something you have looked for before but couldn’t find, tell me that also — I’ll be thrilled!

Thank you So Very Much Dear, Dear Friends for Visiting… Please Come Back Again Soon!   Smiles & Blessings, Nancy


After you have tested, and checked, and then tested and checked again….
on the day when everything needs to work, something goes wrong. 
And my partner, and technical expert, is on an airplane flying out of the country right now!

So:  Since my COMMENT BOXES will not show up on any of my pages, we’ll figure out another way to get your comments in so that you can enter our


Just send me an email:

In the subject line, type:  Comments

And then send me your comments about my site. 
I’ll make sure your name and email address will be entered into the giveaway!