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In our "Creative Ideas For Small Spaces", this
Week We're Looking Up….
I hope all of you are doing GREAT.  It is such a beautiful weekend, and I'm sure all of you know by now…as if I haven't already said it enough…Fall Really Is My Favorite Time of Year! Today is sunny and breezy, and I'm sitting at my desk typing away with one eye, and sometimes two…watching the leaves fall from the trees with the other…so please forgive the "typos"!!
Many of you are asking me for more and more ideas for decorating our small spaces, so I decided to concentrate on "elevating your style" this week.  If you'll recall at the first of this week, I sent out a newsletter which was an announcement for my new eBook:
"Secret Supplier List".  And… OH, WOW!!!…… 
We'll get to that special announcement right after we discuss decorating!
As I was looking at pictures I have taken of different "special niches" in our home, and different ways I have decorated them,  I came across several which gave me a wonderful idea!  These show some Christmas decorations, but that is okay…won't be too long now!
It is easy to forget…"Look Up"…when you decorate!   So, I'm going to help you "raise your sights" to see all of the special spots in your home that are ignored or taken for granted.

If you don't decorate, or display special "treasures" on the tops of cabinets, armoirs, china hutches, and kitchen cabinets… well, you are just missing out on a chance to elevate your style as you plan the special and unique decorating needs throughout your home.  So, we are going to rectify that right away! 

Do you remember last week when we talked about the display cabinet or hutch in my kitchen with lots of color?  Well, since we are talking about "looking up" to decorate today, I'm going to show you some more pictures of that same hutch, but this time we are looking on top.  I will give you some ideas about going "up" with your decorating style.  Just look below…how beautiful!  Now, think how plain this would be if I didn't have all of different shapes, designs and colors on top.


I think I have already mentioned to you about the two "Majolica roosters" on the top of my hutch which I purchased for a steal ($20.00) at a yard sale, and also that my friend had painted a rooster and a hen on an old window that I have propped on top of my hutch.  Well….HERE IT IS!  And, I'm sure you must remember what a sap I am for any old window!  
 (Keep watching out for all the old windows you can, ladies…I'll be giving you more and more hints about using them in your home decorating!)

The red window you see above already had the cracking and peeling red paint  when I found it — I don't think I would have been drawn to it nearly as much without this red paint!  He, he!! 
These pictures were taken last Christmas… I always keep the tops of my hutches and cabinets filled, and I DO NOT take everything down at Christmas!  Absolutely NOT — too much trouble!  But I do add red berries like the large clusters of red berries above and always some beautiful airy and wispy greenery!  I also add fruit and maybe some airy garlands.  All of this along with the display, which you already were using, makes for some wonderfully eye-catching Christmas decorating.
This is a much closer picture!  Can you even tell the difference between the painted rooster and chicken on the old window, and the real "Majolica" rooster and chicken perched atop my cabinet?  Well…. not much, not much at all!
My point here is:  please don't let a space like this go unnoticed!  Don't just sit one or two things on top just to get them out of the way.  Don't try to remove things above during every season.  Get your display fixed just as you like it.  For example, mine has all of the major things you see in the pictures above, but I also keep a garland of green berries on it year-round.  And then, as each season rolls around, I just add more to it, and then take it away after the season.

These beautiful and unexpected displays add so much to my home, and I am just as sure they will add as much to your home as well.

Happy Decorating!…..

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