Deco Mesh Christmas Tree

Decorate Your “Home For the Holidays” Along With Nancy!!


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Christmas Wreath out of Deco Mesh for the Door


“Deco Mesh Christmas Tree”

 Deco Mesh and Ribbons

Decorate Your Christmas Tree Along With Me
We’ll Have SO Much Fun!

How to use Deco Mesh for Christmas

“Deco Mesh Christmas Tree”

  • As in ALL of my Instructional Videos, I show you in step-by-step, detailed instructions how YOU can decorate your Christmas Tree.
  • I use a beautiful metallic red roll of deco mesh, along with three other ribbons.
  • These traditional colors of red and green are so eye-catching (especially since everything I used is glittering or metallic).
  • I show you how to put two bows on the top of your tree, back to back, creating a beautiful topper with glittering filler flowing out the top!
  • Then we add glittering fillers in lime green and red that really make this one trendy, dramatic, and showy!
  • Inexpensive glittered balls are tucked in as we finish.  Hint… these are so inexpensive from my “Secret Vendor”!
  • When we turned off our lights last night, our tree actually sparked and glowed!!!
  • I am sure you would LOVE one like this in your home – especially if you did it yourself… 🙂

Above is a “Teaser Video” I filmed after the full video was completed.  Just look at this gorgeous tree now…I know you CAN do it!  Yes, I say that all the time, don’t I?  Well, there is a reason that I do!  It is because I believe with all my heart that you REALLY can!  In this video, I take my time going through exciting details, ideas, and instructions as we are filming many close-up shots just for you!  We make sure to not leave out a single step!

Beautiful Deco Mesh Christmas Tree From Ladybug Wreaths

You Don’t Want to Miss This Awesome Value

Christmas Wreath out of Deco Mesh for the Door

I Guarantee You Can Do It!
Deco Tree TopperSuch a Beautiful Christmas TreeFull of Deco and Ribbons

This is a different type of video than the DVDs you have purchased from me before… Oh, the video is still of excellent quality, of course, and the information you receive in this video is filled with my “very best” ideas.

But, I wanted this video to be accessible to you immediately – which means: No figuring out how to download it to a slow computer No trying to save a huge file on a computer that is already full No trying to download, if you still have dial-up (yes, some do) And, I did not want you to have to order a DVD and then wait to receive it

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We have made this process much simpler! And for a limited time, we are able to sell this “high-quality”, detailed, hour long minute video at this low price.  I was so excited to be able to film “DECO MESH Christmas Tree” for you in my home!  Believe me, the oohs and ahhs you receive will be worth well more than this low cost.  I promise, you’ll have a blast creating this showy Christmas tree for friends and family to enjoy with you!

Full of Deco and Ribbons 

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