YIPPEE! Newest “Secret Vendor List” Update — Save Money With Revision 4!

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YIPPEE!  Newest “Secret Vendor List” Update
— Save Money With Revision 4!


Note From Nancy

We Never Know When God Will Open Another Door!

We Never Know When God Will Open Another Door!

“You are never too old to set another
goal or to dream a new dream…”
~C.S. Lewis~

I am SUPER excited today!  I have been hinting for a while that Ladybug Wreaths is growing and changing.  We have a new look, a new style, along with new dreams which are coming to fruition.

God is opening doors for my partner, Linda, and I at such an amazing pace, that we can hardly keep up!  But, that’s okay, because we both know that we are right where we are meant to be at this place in time as we embark on a new venture.

Yes… it is hard to believe that us “older” (no) “younger” ladies are growing our business in more exciting directions than we ever thought possible.

In the next couple of weeks, you will begin to find out how our new business will be expanding our reach, not just to wreath designers, but “artisans” from all forms of mediums, as well.

Best of Nancy is growing, changing, and morphing into another business  — one that will touch MANY more lives that Linda and I ever hoped to be able to reach!

So, keep your eyes open — you don’t want to miss this one!  You’ll be hearing more about this newest business in the near future!

Linda and I couldn’t be more thrilled!


Nancy Recommends

New “Secret Vendor List” Update!



Yes, I know that you have been patiently waiting for the newest release of:
“SECRET VENDOR LIST”  Revision Number Four!

Well your wait is over!  The “Secret Vendor List” is available for sale now!
In REVISION # 4, I am totally focusing on MY OWN PERSONAL FAVORITE VENDOR!
This is the one which I think has the very BEST pricing available.

Downloadable e-Book
“Secret Vendor List” Revision 4
for Only $167.00

CUTE Elf & Santa Stockings

Just imagine how special these elf and Santa stockings
would look in a Christmas wreath or arrangement!

My husband and I made a special trip to this vendor’s warehouse with our video camera.  We spend 5 hours there that day with the owner as he showed us around, talking about new styles, and colors, and even LOWER prices on many items!  I know, I know… these days you just don’t EVER hear about wholesalers lowering their prices, do you?  Well, that is the goal of this particular vendor.  Of course, not ALL prices have been lowered, but there are many that have.

Deco Mesh Wreath

The owner and I are talking about deco mesh
and all of the accessories which go along with it!

As we talked with the owner, he stressed to us that in this economy, many wholesale vendors, and suppliers are going under, they just don’t have the business because they are not willing to cut their bottom line pricing.  But, my favorite vendor is happy to do so!  He knows that the retailers who purchase from him cannot make a “go of it” it they cannot get the VERY BEST pricing available to offer their own customers.

For each of you who have already purchased ANY version of the “Secret Vendor List” — AND filled out your name and email address on the download page to receive updates — YOU will receive your update on Friday.

NOTE:  If you did not fill out your information on the download page, you will need to get “proof of purchase” from PayPal and send it in to us to receive your free update!



Amanda is Great!


I mentioned in the last newsletter that Ladybug Wreaths has a new assistant, and her name is Amanda.  She is such a great help already!  She is so efficient — giving me more time to ‘create’ for you!

As we talked about before, one drawback in having a successful business is not being able to personally talk with each of you and personally answer each email from you.  This is where Amanda comes in.  She is kind.  She is efficient, and very caring — you will LOVE her!

Now, I LOVE hearing stories of your successes and your accomplishments, and I do still want you to send them.  I will see each and every one.  But if a reply is needed, this is where Amanda comes in.  She will consult with me and respond back to you when necessary.

I do want you to know that “you” mean so very much and I still want to encourage you as I keep up with all of your accomplishments.  I want to cheer you on when your dreams come true.  This is just as exciting for me as it is for you!

PS:  If you are in BestofNancy.com, don’t worry.  You will still have personal access to me as I will be in the forum to instruct, and to answer your questions.

For problems or questions please contact:  Amanda <info@LadybugWreaths.com>



New XL Fall Wreath Just Listed in My Etsy Store!

This beautiful, XL Fall Wreath was just listed in my Etsy store.  It is 33 inches wide by 37 inches tall — filled with sunflowers and hydrangeas.  You’ll find mums, acorns, fall berries, a sweet ladybug, and… I mustn’t forget the bumblebee which has lit on the sunflower!  Price id $249.97.  (This one won’t last very long!!)

My Etsy store address is:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/LadybugWreaths

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