Woman of Faith – Woman of Strength

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Woman of Faith – Woman of Strength

You are and can be the ‘WOMAN OF STRENGTH’
you were meant to be on this earth.
You can have the FAITH that in your journey ‘YOU WILL BECOME STRONG’.

What is holding you back that keeps you from reaching your dreams and goals? I used to think because I had so many health struggles, I would never be cured – I would never be normal – I would never be happy – I would never be the wife or mother I wanted to be – I would be a failure.

I was sure this elusive chronic disease (later found to be Celiac and Fibromyalgia) was taking away the life God had for me. As weeks, months, and then years went by, I was sure I would never be like the other wives and mothers who were my friends. I was only 28 years old when my life as I knew it changed forever.


For years I prayed to be like others. But, you see, I missed it. My vision for the ‘perfect’ me caused me to be blinded to God’s perfect plan. He didn’t want me to be like others. He had something VERY special for Nancy Alexander! Through my pain I couldn’t see that God had something more – something amazing – something different.

Are you hurting inside because you can’t be the person you dreamed you should be? Are you sick and don’t think you’ll ever find the answer. Don’t get stuck there the way I did. It was many years before I finally realized my pain and my experience was molding me to be able to be the person God put me on this earth to be.

Don’t keep looking for your version of the perfect you. Look for the reason you were put on this earth – God’s awesome plans for you are grander than we can begin to imagine.

Now, at 66 years of age, I know I am enough! As I read and study, I’m learning daily that the closer I get to God, the more my life is opened up to reach others who are in pain reaching up for help just as I was.

Don’t let the feelings of not being enough, or the feelings of a low self-image keep you from seeing who you really are. You are God’s ‘perfect’ child. Your experiences are preparing you for His will in your life.

From my experience, I now know I’m walking the path I was meant to walk. God answered all my prayers in His own timing. I have been given the strength to encourage as well as and the privilege to lift you up when you’re down. I am honored to experience the joy of seeing you succeed and grow in your gifts as you overcome life problems.

You are and can be the ‘WOMAN OF STRENGTH’ you were meant to be on this earth. You can have the FAITH that in your journey ‘YOU WILL BECOME STRONG’.

You are strong – you are capable – you are fearless – you are loved! Share these strengths with others and enjoy God’s goals for your life!

2 Responses

  1. Hi Nancy,
    First time I have been to your site and I know it was God that directed me to your site. Have been so depressed and discouraged about not selling my wreaths at Farmers Markets, Craft shows and on Ebay. Prices have been set at cost and I also have been taking a loss on my wreaths. Was ready to quit (had a pity party all day)when I listened to your “Don’t be afraid to fail” video. Thank you- so nice to listen to a woman of God remind me of my faith!!

    1. Thank you Sharon for your comment!

      You have come to the right place dear. Have you joined my Inner Circle yet?

      Here is the link: http://www.NancysInnerCircle.com

      We would love to have you join our community so that you can grow and create right along beside many other women.

      Blessings, Nancy

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