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Recently, I joined an online community that helps support women owned businesses, WOBC.

When you already have, or are starting an Internet business, networking through all the social media platforms is critical.  This helps you become friends with other women who are launching online businesses similar to your.  It helps to promote each other, to tweet and post when something important needs to be said.  But, most of all, it is so very encouraging to have access to associates who also have your own best interest at heart.

I have learned that Lisa Montalva, the owner of WOBC has a main goal.  Her purpose is to promote women through social networking.  By doing this, each lady has help in growing their own business as they reach more and more followers and faithful customers.

I have been very impressed by the way this “Women Owned Business Club” cares about me, my business, and my success online.




Are You Connecting With Your Customers?

If you don’t know how to connect with your customers, your business is dead or dying! Looking around at successful businesses, my own included, there is a common theme – a strong customer connection.

How does that look? Customers know, like and trust them.

I recently read an article by Gary Vaynerchuk. He used the analogy of farmer versus hunter. The ‘hunter’ marketer goes after the sale (kill) going on to the next prey. The farmer wants to grow relationships with his customers in order to help each one for years to come.

Three basic steps can build and nurture relationships with your customers. First, you need to know your customer — who are they are, what they’re looking for, and problems they face.

Next you need a solution. How can your service or product help them? What will it do for them? How will it make them feel?

Lastly, engage with your customers. Tell them about yourself, how you overcame problems that are similar to theirs, and show you understand their pain. Show them how your solution will make a difference in their life.

I find examples to be helpful. Some of my products are “how to” videos, showing how to make exquisite wreaths.

1. Who are my customers? They are primarily women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s who are creative and like making things with their hands. Most are experienced in designing wreaths.

2. What are their problems? They may have lost self-esteem and faith in their ability to make gorgeous wreaths. My videos show them step by step how to make exquisite wreaths.

3. How do I engage them? I relate with my customers through my blog, newsletter, website and Facebook. Visitors learn that I struggled for years with my own confidence. They know that many ailments plagued me, making it physically difficult to make wreaths. They know if they buy my videos and follow my instructions, they will not only make gorgeous wreaths, but the experience will boost their confidence and self-esteem.

My encouraging tag line is always: “Remember, I know you CAN do it!”

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