Williamsburg Christmas

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Classic “Williamsburg Christmas” Wreath


Fall Door Wreaths by Ladybug Wreaths

Do you LOVE fruit at Christmas like I do?  I have always been drawn to the Colonial Williamsburg style decorating and wreaths.  If you trace the roots back to a time when this style was first begun, it was the early years of the twentieth century, a time when Christmas was growing in significance while the Colonial Revival was bringing back distinctive and lovely designs from the eighteenth century.

Actually, there was a sculptor, Luca Della Robbia whose family influenced these designs as they decorated with fruit and foilage swags.  So, the terms, “Dellia Robbia” wreaths and Williamsburg wreaths are actually synonymous.

Garlands consisting of woodland foilage, such as pine, holly, boxwood, magnolia, and berries enhance doorways, and are draped on railings, porches, window ledges and stairways.  In addition to all of the mixed greens and berries, you’ll always find a wonderfully colorful collection of fruit.  You have to use your imagination here, because the fruit can be of any type you like.

In Colonial Williamsburg, creativity abounds as you look at these colorful wreaths.  You may be surprised to find them filled with pine cones, and vines as well as dried materials, such as okra pods, red cockscomb, cinnamon sticks, peppers, and orange slices for texture and color.

Sprays adorn centers of tables, grace fireplace mantles, and garnish doors in creative ways.  Lamp posts are covered as well as mailboxes. This inviting feel is what I personally like at Christmastime.

Living in the south, I can’t mimic this fresh Williamsburg style as much as I would really like, but I come as close to it as I can with artificial fruit and greens just as I did in the wreath pictured above.

This wreath is the subject of the video I just filmed this week:  “Williamsburg Christmas“. If you decide to try making a “Williamsburg Christmas Wreath” such as the one above, have fun, be creative, and enjoy!  Let your own imagination take the lead as you follow my instructions.  This is NOT hard to do!  As a matter of fact… I guarantee YOU CAN DO IT!!

Smiles… Nancy





Williamsburg Wreath

“Williamsburg Christmas”

 You’ll have so much fun learning how to make this lush and inviting “Della Robbia” Wreath along with me!  There are over 95 minutes of instruction as I teach you how to add many different types of fruit to a green Christmas base.  And, I’m going to teach you how to make a full, beautiful bow, as well as adding a mixture of greens which make your wreath real!

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