What is a “Focal Point”?

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Several Focal Points in Your Wreath Really ARE More Appealing…

Focal points in wreaths can be a little hard to figure out sometimes.  If you spot a wreath with a very large bow filled with many loops and streamers, with nothing else to catch your eye, you will probably think the bow is the only focal point.

Personally, I don’t like to see a large bow literally standing out from a wreath when there is nothing else in the wreath which draws your eye and catches your attention.  I like to see the bow filled with greens or flower stems and such flowing right out from the center and sides.  That makes it look like it is definitely a part of your wreath.

You want your bow to be a ‘Focal Point’ of your wreath, but not the only one…because, you see, a wreath is much more interesting when more than one element draws your attention, or your eye.

We’ll talk about focal points in this beautiful wreath below which was just completed this week and will be for sale in my Etsy store soon!

This colorful wreath has several focal points I want to show you. 

  • The very first focal point your eyes are drawn to is the bow.
  • Remember when I said above you don’t want the bow to be your only focal point?
  • In this case, it is not the only focal point, although it really draws your attention since the colors in this ribbon are SO pretty!
  • And, I want you to notice the pretty yellow bloom and the airy white blossoms which radiate out from the bow.

Below you’ll see another focal point… Can you tell what it is?  Really, it is a combination of two different things. 

  • One very important thing you must remember is that your wreath needs an anchor (some fullness) in the bottom.  When I say an anchor, I mean that if you have a large, heavy looking bow near the top, you need to add a flower, or cluster of flowers near the bottom to balance your wreath.
  • In this part of your wreath, you should also consider color and texture.  As you can see in the picture below, there are two large blue hydrangea, but one is right up close to the center.
  • And, right beside this blue hydrangea is a cluster of bright yellow lemons, as well as a yellow flower cluster, and a pink dahlia.  This section can really catch your eye.
  • In this area, I like to add a sampling of most of the elements and colors used in my wreath.

I have a little something hidden below – but it is still a focal point. 

  • Notice, I am still working in the bottom, center of my wreath
  • You can see the sampling of flowers and colors that were used…but, there is more!
  • A tiny, sweet bird’s nest filled with eggs is tucked underneath the large hydrangea.
  • You can barely see it, but it is showing enough to bring a smile.
  • Sometimes, it’s a nice surprise to have something sort of hidden!

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