Wendy Shields

Highlighting Wendy Shields,
a VIP Private Coaching Student


My VIP, Private, and group workshops this summer have been totally amazing! I have formed friendships with ladies which will NEVER be forgotten.

As each day of learning wreath design, bow-making, laughter, fun & smiles ends, my heart is always filled to overflowing. I watch ladies who have captured special places in my heart, load their cars and drive off with beautiful smiles covering their faces.

You see…I know the doors that have been opened for them after a day of gaining confidence in their own skills. I know the amazing opportunities which await. I know the excitement and joy they will feel as they arrive home “itching” to get started on their own, and knowing “They CAN DO it”!

Oh, how I wish those types of doors had been available to me in the beginning when I started my business all alone, with practically no help. That is why I, personally, enjoy these days as much, or more, than my students do!

Not a single wreath has left my studio which could not be put online to be sold immediately! They are ALL beautiful! I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of many of these, and certainly agree with me.

So, today… we are…

Highlighting Wendy Shields


Yes, it is absolutely true! And what an amazing job she did!!

Wendy contacted me some time ago. She was in the process of taking over their family business, the “Haymore Garden Center”. Wendy has lots of new and exciting ideas as well as new lines she will be introducing into their garden center. But, there was one thing she really wanted to be able to offer their faithful customers. And that one thing was something she had no experience, and was not trained in…custom designed, one-of-a kind wreaths.

Note From Wendy:

“My VIP session was wonderful!! I felt so at ease with you and the way you teach put me in a good place and ready to learn and absorb all of your knowledge and talent. No Pressure!! I had no doubt in my mind that I could bring what I learned from you and the tools you gave me and practice and make beautiful wreaths.

Well, my first wreath officially “on my own” was sold before it was even displayed on the wall!! The salesperson still had it in her hand and it sold. beginners luck? Maybe not. The next wreath sold very quickly as well. I’m working hard and looking back at your wreaths to draw ideas for my own.

Your way of using ribbon is so unique and different and I think that is what is drawing many customers to this style of wreath.

Thanks so much for all of your help! Wendy”
Although Wendy had made bows before, she had never made a wreath. She drove a long way from Virginia, and spent the night to get an early start the day of our workshop. She wanted to make sure she received as much instruction as she could in one day. The VIP, Private Coaching, was the best way for Wendy to develop her skills — and that she did, in such an amazing way!

Wendy is very talented, and, as a student, she was very easy to teach. She was also a joy and such a pleasure to work with. She received hands-on training exclusively with me, as well as tips and hints from my design assistant, Kim, and from another VIP student, Beverly who filled in as our photographer and videographer for the day.

Just Getting Started – Excitement in the Air

Workshop Student hard at work
It Didn’t Take Wendy Long to Grab a Glue Gun and Get Started!
Okay Whats Next

Wendy left that day with three different styles of wreaths made and ready for sale — that is if she can convince herself to sell her first wreath! They ARE very special, and she didn’t know if she wanted to let go of these particular ones or not. So, I suggested that she go ahead and put them on display in her store with signs saying more are on the way!

Nancy and Wendy Beautiful Wreath

Yes, we were laughing in this one, but just look at the “Wild & Woodsy” Natural Wreath. The clay pots are empty and ready to be filled with live plants from their own garden center!


And, of course, she couldn’t leave without a bright and glittering Christmas wreath! Wendy made this one all by herself also – and… yes… that includes the bow!

Since Wendy’s VIP special training day with me, we have gotten together online with some additional Facebook training for the Garden Center’s Facebook Page! And, Wendy has been working very hard preparing to take over her new position on August 1 – just a couple days from now.

I just looked at the Haymore Landscaping and Garden Center Facebook page, and saw many of Wendy’s new wreaths ready for sale. If you would like to check out their page, here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/HaymoreLandscapingAndGardenCenter. I’m sure they would appreciate it if you would “LIKE” their page!