Welcome to my Blog!   

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It’s about time I started posting on my own blog.  I am busy from morning till late at night making and selling Wreaths on my Website,  and on eBay as a Power Seller. 

I need an outlet for other loves and favorites in my life, so this is it.  So I’m sure you’ll be reading about my business which is so rewarding, about my precious grandson. Lucas, and my sons Matt & Andy along with their heaven-sent wives, Sara and Stephanie who I call daughters instead of daughters-in-law. 

I love my garden filled with birdfeeders and wildflowers,  my yardsale finds, and my eclectic – painted pieces of old and antique furniture.

My hubby is the Love of My Life… don’t know how I’d make it without his forever endless love and support. I thank God for him, and for all of my family every day of my life.  I AM SO VERY BLESSED!

I battle fibromyalgia as many of you probably do also, but diet and vitamins have really made a difference for me as of late.

They say no blog is complete without a “mascot”.  Well, I just happen to have the most wonderful little fellow who worships the ground I walk on –  how very blessed am I!?

Here’s my sweet boy, Sebastian.  He’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and is by my feet every second of every day. 

My shop is at my home, so Sebastian walks across the breezeway with me to work every single day.  He has a bed in almost every place where I work, so he can be right by my side.