Watching My Dreams Come True

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Have you ever had a dream tucked away in your heart that you think of often, but wonder if it will ever come true?…

One of my dreams recently came true when
Amazon agreed to publish four of my e-books!

I have always loved writing, and now it seems as though I have many opportunities to write, and publish my books. 

In fact, I am finishing a proposal for an agent who has several impressive publishers interested in a proposal from me on a book about "Designing Wreaths". My heart is so happy as I browse through the colorful pages and see the fruition of my hard work!

You see, with lots of hard work and many prayers, your dreams can come true too! For years, countless ladies have written to me asking for a published copy of my e-books! Here at Ladybug Wreaths, we are passionate about our customers and friends, so we listened to your requests! Four books have been released,

  • " Plantation Charm"
  • " Spring Meadow"
  • " Sunflower Garden"
  • " Deck The Halls"

Learn From Nancy

Each Book is Filled With Colorful Photos and
Easy to Follow Step by Step Guides!

These 8 1/2 by 11 inch, full color books will fit perfectly on a cookbook stand so you can easily see the pages and follow along as you create a beautiful wreath!

Many of my students have used these books to grow their wreath making talents and abilities so they too find success online! There are many things that makes Ladybug Wreaths so unique, like our use of sponge mushrooms and wild honeysuckle!

"SUNFLOWER GARDEN" highlights these special tips with a chapter dedicated to each topic! I bet you didn't realize what a difference eucalyptus leaves will make in your Christmas wreaths! "DECK THE HALLS" has a chapter devoted to the impact carefully placed eucalyptus leaves will make to the texture of your wreath!  


Sometimes the hardest part of learning to make a wreath…
…is learning the basics, like "how to use a floral pick" and "where to place the greenery".

Each book has chapters dedicated to teaching you the foundational steps of wreath making.

You will learn valuable skills that you will use in every wreath you create! Then you'll learn how to add the fine details (as in the photo above) that will make your wreath stand out above the rest! "SPRING MEADOW"  highlights how to use those important filler flowers and berries! They really complete the look of your wreath if you do them the right way!

I have spent so much time pouring my heart into these books and sharing everything I know about making beautiful wreaths! You can turn your abilities into an exciting hobby or business just like I have done! It is my heart's desire for you to experience the joy of using your God-given talents to create a beautiful wreath!  

Ladybug Wreaths Books



20 Responses

  1. I’m starting on wreath making, I think it would be so helpful to have one of your books especially for being my first time making wreaths.

  2. Nancy,, your great wisdom from your wreath books will help me to make beautiful wreaths and will help me fulfill the dreams God has given me. : )

    1. That is a really good reason Della to want wreath instruction. I do hope you get to start your own flower business one day!

      Sincerely, Nancy

  3. I would love to be able to create one of the wreaths you’ve designeddhaving your step-by-step instructions would be perfect!

  4. I’ve been following you almost from the very beginning. What a difference you have made in women’s lives by offering them self esteem thru a “you can do it” attitude. Your easy to follow step by step instructions make the creative part of each one of us just that much easier. Thanks Nancy for providing us with so much more than pretty wreaths.

    1. You are so welcome Susan. I thank you for your kind words. It is such a pleasure to be able to make a difference in the lives of others.

      God Bless, Nancy

  5. The step by step instructions would be the first reason but because of the book I would have access to them any time, anywhere

  6. I love your step by step instructions on how to make wreaths I do better by looking at a picture than someone telling me. I love watching you. I got the basics but need more

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