Watching for Springtime!

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Spring Will Soon be Here!

Yes, that’s right! You heard me!

Well here in the South we will soon be seeing signs of Spring soon! And, For those of you who live in other parts of the country, I’m sorry. I really don’t mean to rub it in. Really I don’t…well, maybe…only just a little!!!! There is so much that I do in our home and also in my LadybugWreaths Design Studio to welcome spring into our abode!

Let’s see…what is first on my list??

Well, if at all possible, I choose a day to begin my Spring makeover when the temperatures rise just enough that I can open my doors (even if I have to wear a sweatshirt or sweater), I don’t care but it just gets me in the mood! I am personally ready to SCREAM: It Is Spring!! 

One thing that I literally LOVE doing is getting out all my really old small white vases. I have about 8 of them. I line them up on a kitchen windowsill and put cuts of fresh ivy in each so they will start to root. These ivy clippings will be rooted just in time to add ivy accents to my outdoor flower pots.

 Yea! Oh, and I have already switched my pillows or pillow covers over to a nice, bright and colorful fabric — preferably with a floral design. That works well unless your throw pillows dress up a couch that is floral. If that’s the case, you need to go with a pretty stripe, plaid, or solid pillow.

Then, after sprucing up a little inside by brightening things, I go out to my back porch. It is still cold, but there are things that will live in my pots. 

Looking at this picture to the left, you can see two pots which sit on my potting table. I keep ivy or some other greens growing in these pots year round.

I have several other yard-sale finds which I sit around on my porch to spruce it up for the spring and summer months. 

Look at this stained glass window to the right! I actually have four of them. I only keep one on my porch, but it adds so much interest and looks so beautiful when the afternoon sun shines through the colorful stained glass.

To brighten up your outdoor living space, you don’t necessarily need a spot where a treasure such as this can be hung. Just prop it up in an interesting space where you think it would look good!

And below is a fern which lives all winter long. I really don’t like to have empty clay pots sitting around all winter, so I fill them with year-round greens and always put a pansy or two in each pot to add some color when those drab days of winter appear!

If you have areas that need painting, and you can afford to do so, this is the perfect time of year!

Nothing brightens and spruces up a home (inside and out) like fresh, beautifully colored paint. (Hint, Hint…Lowe’s and Home Depot usually have cans of “OOPS” paint which customers returned. You can find good quality paint and great colors for around $5.00 per gallon!)

Sea grass rugs are great under a table and also on a big porch if you have one. You can find those pretty reasonably priced. If you don’t have the funds to buy a new one… then hit the yard sales as soon as they start near your home! I have found beautiful rugs at yard sales that I dearly love – expensive ones too for a small fraction of their real value!

These are some of the first things I do on my porch getting ready for Springtime.

When Springtime does arrive, below is the way part of my porch looks.  I could spend many hours out here – and sometimes do!



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  1. I want to purchase one of Nancy Alexanders wreaths but I cannot find any for sale. I have seen only one on Ladybug Wreaths and Etsy. Is there a selection available? THANK YOU.

    1. There are a few more listed in Etsy right now.
      I don’t have time to keep as many available as I used to.

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