Watch Videos From My Tea Party!

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I Really Missed You at My Tea Party!
So… I Arranged for You to View

Tea Party 1

Steve & I Were Thrilled so Many
Drove & Flew in to Visit us in our Home!
Lots of you are upset you missed it!

So… we arranged for you to view recordings of the important,
exciting and valuable information presented that day!

Order My Tea Party Package Today



Rhea Perry
The morning started with such an inspiring devotional by my dear friend, Rhea Perry!

unnamedShe talked about how artists are gifted by God and how it’s okay for us to reimbursed with income for the work we do with our hands.

“…and to make it your ambition to live quietly and peacefully, and to mind your own affairs and work with your hands, just as we directed you,…” -1 Thessalonians 4:11-

Such an inspiring way to start our day! Along with the video recording of Rhea speaking, you’ll also receive the PDF of her power point presentation as well.

Stacey Sims and Laura Miller
Next we got to learn from an exciting presentation and demonstration from Sims Pottery!

Sims1Stacey Sims talked about new and exciting styles and colors which are trending this year in the floral design market.

He brought with him lots of samples of ribbon rolls, wreaths, and additions which can be added to your Deco Mesh and vine wreath designs. It is great to be able to see what is coming!

Many of these items haven’t even arrived in the Sims warehouses yet! We actually got to be the first to see what will be arriving soon for the fall and Christmas seasons!Sims2

In addition, Laura Miller, the Sims house designer, gave a very interesting demonstration. Well… actually it was several demonstrations on how to make several different types of Deco Mesh wreaths and garlands.

Laura used a new and technique that most of our attendees said they had never seen before.

I’m sure you can imagine, these ladies were very anxious to get home and try their hand at designing new types of Deco Mesh wreaths!

Lauren Schuman
Lauren told us in detail how she and her husband, Tom, have “knocked it out of the part” when starting and growing their own Amazon business.
Lauren Schuman
They started from nothing and after only 22 short months have grossed over three quarters of a million dollars in Amazon sales!

Lauren and Tom first set a goal of $1,000 per week in sales. Within 10 weeks, they were far exceeding this goal! Soon they began bringing in sales totaling over $100,000 in only 3 short months – AWESOME!

Every one attending went home knowing they could start selling on Amazon, and that they didn’t have to wait until they had a lot of money to invest.

In spite of the fact that Steve and I already gross 6 figures a year with Amazon, we learned some valuable information from Lauren and Tom which will help us grow our Amazon business even more!

Chris & Heather Rizzo
IMG_6380_2Chris and Heather Rizzo couldn’t make the Tea Party, but have generously offered something awesome!

They want to spend 30 minutes with you as an Amazon FBA Business quick start coaching call when you you purchase the video downloads from the Tea Party!

On this call, they’ll make sure you are on track to setting up your Amazon business properly. Anyone purchasing the video recordings from the Tea Party will be able to contact Chris & Heather to set up this call.

You’ll also get an exclusive 50% off coupon for their in-depth one-on-one coaching and access to their daily list of great online product finds you can purchase and resell on Amazon!

Would YOU Like to Order My Valuable Tea Party Package?

What You Will Receive:

A Video of the Devotional by Rhea Perry
A Power Point of This video
A Video of the Entire Presentation by Sims Pottery – Including Stacey Sims & Laura Miller
A Video of the Entire Presentation by Lauren Schuman
A Power Point of This Video
And, the 30 minute free call and special offer from Chris and Heather Rizzo teaching you how to sell on Amazon!





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