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I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
We are getting ready for Christmas with just
a little over three weeks left until
Christmas arrives!

I filmed a short video for you today for
a quick news flash.

I hope you enjoy it!  Smiles…. Nancy



2 Responses

  1. Oh Dear Nancy,
    Many thanks for your message. It was heart warming, which is the reason for this Christmas season.

    Just wanted you to know that a home less man in Roanoke, Va makes wreaths. He is home less by choice and travels the Appalachian trail year round. Anyway, all my friends and family are receiving his wreaths for Christmas. Going today to get my West Virginia BFF…hers to be delivered tomorrow. Will try to get a camera and send you a picture.

    Will keep you posted.
    Love and peace to you,
    Bless you,
    Leslie Rakes

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