Trust Me… I Know You Can Do It!

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 It’s Not Too Late to Sign Up for our April Workshop!

What a beautiful day it is here in South Carolina!  So many flowers are blooming in their full glory and the trees are vibrant with new growth!

This time of year is simply heavenly! As we have settled into this glorious season, I want to remind each of you about the amazing opportunity to attend my workshop next week on April 10th and 11th!

It is not too late for you to join the wonderful women who will attend the workshop as they get one on one training from me on how to make beautiful wreaths! These women leave not just with a vast array of knowledge, but they also leave with their own supplies, materials and a beautiful wreath! 

I just love my time with these special women who attend my classes! We laugh,  talk non-stop and have so much fun as I teach them all my secrets to wreath making!


Our Workshops are truly some of my favorite days of the year!

The ladies who attended my two day workshop in March left with an Etsy store and a Facebook page! They were equipped and ready to start selling their beautiful creations online!

 A very special student, Wendy,  came to me last summer all the way from Virginia. As a part of taking over her family business, the “Haymore Garden Center”, Wendy was hoping to branch out into selling custom designed wreaths, but she had no training or experience!

However, after two days with me, Wendy drove back home with 3 custom, gorgeous wreaths in her backseat which sold almost as soon as she got home! Talk about a success story!



Just look at Beverly.  She has been designing and selling so many beautiful wreaths since taking my private one-on-one workshop.

Many of you have been such faithful customers of mine for a long time! I know that you have wondered if you too can learn to do what I do!

Today you may be dreaming about the people in your life. If you are a Mom, your dreams may involve guiding and shaping the children under your care so they thrive and flourish. As a spouse, you may be longing for a closer marriage and deeper friendship with your significant other.

Whatever is on your heart today, I pray that you will look for inspiration outside your window, and take time to slow down, focus on what’s important and follow your dreams.



“Trust me, I just know that you can do it!”

Here I am With Cecile.  She did an excellent job, and has learned to design gorgeous wreaths that she is now selling.

I am so passionate about sharing my talent, creativity and design skills so you too can be successful selling wreaths! Now if you’re thinking, “I’m not interested in selling wreaths, I simply want to learn how to make beautiful wreaths to display on my own front door and share with my loved ones,” then you, too, need to attend my workshop!

With my help, you will leave with the skills to craft wreaths that brighten and add such charm to your own front door! And they make exceptional gifts for Christmas and birthdays!

Our April Workshop is Almost Full…

We are almost full for our April workshop, but there is still

one spot open for that very special person!

Is that special person you?

The Following Dates are for Spring Workshops:

April 10th and 11th (one space left)
May 15th and 16th (filling up)

Wanda Robertson With Her New Wreath-w500


2 Responses

  1. Hi Nancy,

    I just wanted to take a minute out of my day to tell the women out there who think they cannot make a wreath…..”YES you can”! I felt like I could NEVER make a wreath like I saw on Nancy’s website but I did and I AM! Nancy will encourage you and be there for you long after the workshop is over! If you have longed to have a business of your own, take the first step – I promise you will not regret it:-)!

    Nancy, my health got bad again but now I am back at it, going as strong as ever! That is why this is such a great business for me – if I feel bad one day, I don’t have to go upstairs to my studio but I find that once I make that effort to climb the steps, I feel MUCH better just looking at my room full of beautiful flowers:-)! I have a goal to get my Etsy store supplied AND build my Facebook business page this weekend!! Thanks again for all that you do!


    1. How sweet of you Cecile! You are precious, and I am so sorry you have had so many health problems.

      You CAN certainly make wreaths – absolutely gorgeous ones. I’m sorry your health took a turn for the worse again, but am very happy to hear you are better and going strong!

      I love your determination!

      Blessings to you too! It’s a smart idea to work on Facebook and Etsy… they do make such a difference!

      Smiles & Blessings, Nancy

      PS: That is a good point to make about this being a good business for those who are suffering from many different health problems. It will be there waiting for you when you’re better! As a matter of fact, it will be calling out to you helping you get better more quickly! 🙂

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