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Think of Etsy as a HUGE Craft Fair!

Etsy knows our success depends on a healthy, vibrant marketplace built on millions of individual relationships. Etsy relies on their sellers to help fill it with meaning and personality! Etsy is more than an e-commerce marketplace; it’s a community of creative individuals. The unique voices of their sellers make it a special and different place to buy and sell goods and make genuine connections.



I am looking forward  to Etsy’s launch of products and features this year that help support what makes Etsy different: creativity and craftsmanship, the stories behind the items (including your stories), and the beautifully diverse perspectives of over 1.5 million Etsy sellers.

Etsy’s new ideas of sharing stories, products and how they are made is as close as you can get to personally greeting shoppers as they stroll through a large “Craft Fair!”

A survey Etsy conducted in August 2015 revealed that 57 percent of Etsy buyers are willing to pay more for an item when they know who made it.

Not only does this human connection represent one of the ways that Etsy is special, it also gives shoppers the confidence to buy items from small online businesses – like in a CRAFT FAIR!

As I’ve been comparing Etsy to my storefront business which closed its doors in Anderson, SC about 13 years ago, online shoppers can’t see and touch your products before purchasing them. Actually, that is what I missed when my business closed.

In venturing out to sell online, I realized quickly that telling my story and expressing my unique perspective with branding elements throughout my shop can go a long way toward building trust with buyers.

You know how I’m always talking about “Know, Like, and Trust?” Well, that encourages buyers to feel very comfortable purchasing from YOU. In 2016, Etsy will pick up with the changes they started last year as they launch more and more ways for you to let you know your customers know “The Real You!”

Etsy’s first change was the Shop Icon in August of 2015. I already love the image of the interesting shop icons attached to each shop! That began their new “brand awareness” campaign aimed at opening the doors wide open between the buyer and the seller!

Thank you Etsy! I am definitely THRILLED with the direction you’re going in, and the changes which are taking place right now!

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