Tears Just Flowed

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Wreath Auction For Zambia
When I Received Their Letter, I Couldn't Stop Crying


Many of you may remember before Christmas I auctioned a large, beautiful wreath on eBay to raise money for "Sew Powerful" an nonprofit organization set up by Jason & Cinnamon Miles.

They travel to Zambia each year to teach ladies how to sew clothing and book bags for over 900 children – most of them orphans. I was thrilled that through the auction of my special wreath we raised over $700 for new sewing machines. Many of you bid on this wreath, so I wanted to update you.

When I read this letter below from them, my heart was touched so deeply.  I never could have known the kind of feelings I would have had when I saw their precious sign they drew just for me.  Tears flowed from deep within – with three Singer sewing machines, I made a huge differenc in the lives of women and children I will never meet.  

As Jason said to me: " there is something truly magical about giving to people like this – that can’t give anything in return – other than their heartfelt thanks"



Thank You Nancy Alexander

Dear Nancy,

We are so grateful for the recent support that you gave to our sewing cooperative by donating funds to purchase new sewing machines. Your support is incredibly generous and highly appreciated by our ladies.

What you have done to us is so great, as you have given us what we require to use after being trained as Seamstresses, you have really equipped us, and this is really empowering us completely. I've included several pictures as well as a full accounting of the purchase we were able to make with your help.

I hope you enjoy this humble report,
Esther M'Kandawire on behalf of the Sew Powerful Sewing Cooperative Group


Please accept a giant thank-you from the ladies of the Sew Powerful Cooperatie!


Summary Of The New Machines:

Purchasing good quality sewing machines in Zambia can be a significant challenge. Whilst there are many sewing machines, they are imported directly from China and have a very low quality. The quality is even much lower than what you would expect from a Chinese import in the U.S. These types of low-quality machines generally fall apart after just a few months. Therefore, we avoid them and look for better quality.

Last year we were fortunate to find a higher quality machine that was also fairly inexpensive, ($155 USD). I had hoped to find some, and looked throughout the City, but unfortunately they are no longer being imported.

Therefore, with Jason's approval, we decided to use your donation to purchase three higher quality Singer machines. These might look "old" to you, but they are new machines that have industrial strength and will serve the cooperative for a good long time. Each machine cost $229, (USD), totally $687, (USD). Here is a picture of the ladies setting up the new machines and getting them going.


Thank You Once Again!

On behalf of all twenty participants in our sewing cooperative I'd like to personally thank you. Our ladies struggle to provide an income and support for their families. Many of them are widowed or divorced and they do their best to raise their children and grandchildren on their own. Our program is a significant part of their lives and together we are working for a better future.

As a group we are also passionate about sewing for the children of our community. We directly serve over nine hundred children with clothing, book bags, and other essential items. Over six hundred of the local children we serve are orphans having lost both parents to AIDS, TB, Malaria, and other common local diseases. The clothing we provide is desperately needed. Now, because of you, we can do a better job serving them.

May God Richly Bless You For Your Generosity!
Esther M'Kandawire



A Personal Note From Veronica…

(One of the cooperative members)




"Nancy, thank you so much for your kindness! 

You are such a blessing to the sewing cooperative and the children of our community. 

You have really shown us the love that you have for us, and although we are a thousand miles away, we feel your LOVE and CARE for us.

Thank You!"








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