Crafter’s Spotlight: Pam Ferguson

I am so pleased to be introducing you to a lady we are celebrating in Crafter’s Spotlight today. Pam Ferguson learned to start designing wreaths from her aunt. Then she found my videos on YouTube and joined Grow With Nancy.  She then signed up for our Etsy Intensives Course. Pam is talented and working hard […]

No… “You” Inspire me!

I have been receiving emails, comments, and notes from my customers for many years. They are becoming more and more frequent now. They mean so much to me touching my heart and my life in ways I cannot explain – inspiring me to do more, teach more, and film more to help you reach your life goals and dreams. Many of you say that I am an inspiration to you, but, it is just the opposite! YOU are an inspiration to me

Hope When You’re Physically Down

Hope When You’re Physically Down…Pain was the main focus of my life for so many years. It colored the way I thought and felt, and reacted to the world around me. I had to learn this the hard way. I used to beg and plead with God; “Please show me what I need to do, Please show me what I need to change, I will do anything to only get better.” God, in His wisdon knew that the lessons I needed to learn came only with time. As always, He sees “Eternity” and we see “right now.