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It’s Not About Me

I say over and over that my goal is to make a difference in the lives of others as I teach them a hobby that has made such a difference in my life. We are SO BLESSED! And… “We Will Sing Until The Whole World Hears…”

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I Thank You God

These thoughts came flooding back as I stood in the middle of this huge warehouse talking to my friend, Kim. I was grateful that she reminded me that day of where I had been only a few short years ago. And, Oh God… as I am feeling SO grateful that I am not there today, I feel so unworthy that His healing grace made such a difference in me that I no longer have to use that chair.

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A Joyous Life…

"A Joyous Life?" By, Nancy Alexander Is Joy More Important Than Happiness?…   A dear friend told Steve, my husband, and I almost exactly two years ago today that JOY was

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