Overcoming Fear

With Confidence & Trust in God Lately in “Best of Nancy”, my Coaching Site, we have been discussing the subjects of “fear” and “confidence”. Fear keeps us from stepping out and trying a lot of things at times, doesn’t it?  Well, I certainly have experienced this one, and I know that in my life fear […]

Hope When You’re Physically Down

Hope When You’re Physically Down…Pain was the main focus of my life for so many years. It colored the way I thought and felt, and reacted to the world around me. I had to learn this the hard way. I used to beg and plead with God; “Please show me what I need to do, Please show me what I need to change, I will do anything to only get better.” God, in His wisdon knew that the lessons I needed to learn came only with time. As always, He sees “Eternity” and we see “right now.

A New Morning…

 “I Can Be Cured” By, Nancy Alexander From Fibro… to Freedom…   It is a new morning… the sun is just starting to rise.  This day will never “be” again!  What will you do with yours?? I am planning what I should do with mine… what will I write on today that will make a difference […]

Facebook & “Women Making a Difference”

  "Facebook" By, Nancy Alexander Women Making a Difference…   "Women Making a Difference" When I was studying Facebook last week, reading about all of its options and opportunities, something very different and new came into focus for me.  It was one of those "Ah-Hah" moments as I looked at the faces of my friends […]

My Heart Aches With Yours…

  "My Heart Aches With Yours…my Love" By, Nancy Alexander As I am Saddened by the Loss of Your Dear Friend… My heart aches with yours… my love, As you are saddened by the loss of a dear friend… He left this earth to join God above, but that is NOT the end. My arms […]

I Asked God to Break my Heart for Whatever Breaks His… Well, He Did!

  God is so good!  Today has been an amazing day filled with business planning with Linda Jo, Steve and me!  There are so many opportunities which amazingly fill up our time, that we know can only be from God.  Our business is growing so fast, we can hardly keep up with it — thank you Lord! […]