e436543d467191ee5146a444b6cee950I use some of my amazing “finds” in specialty or character wreaths charging great prices for them.

Redecorate your home for pennies? You can! Furnish your home with amazing conversation pieces like me! Find oriental rugs, furniture, pottery, transfer ware, & china! YOU can have all of this in your home or for sale!

Keep special or unique “Yard Sale Treasures” for yourself, sell the rest. The items you sell will more than pay for what you decide to keep!

I have talked about the need of having multiple streams of income for some time and yard sales are a great place to begin finding treasures to resell on Amazon. You would be amazed how many people don’t know the value of some of the things they put out in their yard sale and what people will pay for them on Amazon and EBay.

Some of the top things that people buy at yard sales that can be sold on Amazon are.

Let me train your eye to know when to snatch up a deal as you benefit from ALL my tips and secrets! These will help you distinguish between junk and amazing treasures which you can snatch up immediately with confidence. Yard Sale Finds

There are several tricks I use to find the great “stuff” at yard sales:

With my eBook Yard Sale Treasures, you can redecorate your home for pennies! You will learn how to find amazing pieces you can sell for unbelievable prices. Find treasures you can sell on Amazon, FBA just like I do!

Yard Sale Treasures

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