Secret Vendor List Revised


World-Renowned Designer Keeps On Revealing More Secrets in Her Latest Update of
“Secret Supplier List” !

I Keep Releasing More and More – Giving You the Latest Products, Colors, Styles and Designs.

Making Sure You Know ALL My Secrets!…

Update #5

Save $20 Before the Timer Runs Out!

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Since my best-selling, downloadable eBook, “SECRET VENDOR LIST” was first released, customers from all over are emailing with excitement in their voices! They are thrilled with the prices they now pay for their supplies, as well as their choice of vendors.

If you don’t have the time, expertise, or contacts to search out these vital sources for your business, let me be your best source and guide for new products, new markets, new materials, and the best prices to be found.

The Secret Vendor List is a list of “Wholesale” suppliers who only sell “To the Trade” – meaning to those who have a sales tax ID number. If you are going to be selling wreaths, and really want to make a profit from those sales, you should consider getting a sales tax ID number for your business. The savings are amazing!

Do you remember me telling you at the one year anniversary that the Secret Vendor List downloadable e-Book had literally FLOWN out the door? Well, now, we are EVEN MORE amazed – because you continue to smash the sales records! And…not only that, but I hear daily from customers who are anxiously awaiting each new update…

Talking about updates, the last few updates (including this one) are “on location” videos. These videos have really “stepped it up a Notch”! We travel to my FAVORITE Secret Vendor and film videos just for you. This particular vendor has turned out to be my personal FAVORITE because of their UNHEARD OF prices.

Their prices make a huge difference in your bottom line. I want to make it extremely simple for you to order merchandise and supplies from ___________, so you can make an AMAZING PROFIT MARGIN!

As I walk around a huge 80,000 to 100,000 square foot warehouse, interviewing the owners, we are overwhelmed with the most up-to-date, popular floral supplies of the season with the best pricing available.

I show you my favorite items, while calling out prices as well as item numbers so you can order exactly what I would like to purchase myself. My goal for each and every update is to give you MORE information than the previous one, and along with its bonuses…I am confident that I ALWAYS do that!

My eyes are always peeled for new and upcoming vendors to supply you with the BEST materials at the BEST prices!. Each update is more exciting than the last! Shop owners, hobbyists, floral designers, and aspiring floral designers are shocked by all the information they receive from this Secret Vendor List as well as each new update, not to mention the extra bonuses. Many say that “never in a million years” would they have found such valuable information; nor would they have been able to buy it at such reasonable prices!

So, with each release, I am even PROUDER to say: “WE’VE DONE IT AGAIN, Y’ALL”!


You can be assured that I am always searching for the newest florals, colors, materials, ribbons, etc. at very reasonable prices! That is why the “Secret Vendor List” will continue to have it all!

How would you like to sell a wreath for $249.97, or $269.97 in which you had an investment of only $30, or$40, or $50? WELL, YES, YES, YES, YOU CAN – YOU DEFINITELY CAN! Do you know how much of a mark-up that is? THIS IS A 600 TO 800% MARK-UP!

Remember in previous revisions, I told you about a major shift in floral design? That something brand new was on the horizon that was catching on like wildfire? Well, it still is! And that new material is Deco Mesh!

My favorite “Secret Supplier” was positive when they first laid eyes on it, that Deco Mesh would be a hit! They were and are right! It is a hit, and is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds! My supplier is one of the
MAJOR IMPORTERS & DESIGNERS OF DECO MESH in the United States, as well as being one of the first wholesalers to offer it to business owners.

They travel to China several times a year and work personally with those who create these products to design their own new and different patterns. Then, they negotiate with different factories to see these newly designed products produced at the lowest prices. They can compete with, and DO beat their competitors back home in the USA. This secret vendor is unique in their approach to business and pricing in ways you will not see anywhere else. This is why you can order from them at such amazing prices!

Along with Ladybug Wreath’s new coaching opportunities in, as well as, this updated Secret Vendors List gives you the keys to become as successful, or even more successful, than I am! Yes… you heard me right! That IS what I said!!


PS: If you don’t have the time, expertise, or
contacts to search out these vital sources for your
let me be your best source and guide for
new products, new markets, new materials, and the best
prices to be found.

PPS: If you have already bought “Secret Vendor List”, and have signed up to receive free updates, you will be receiving this update for FREE! Updates go out only to those buyers who have signed up to receive updates! (This can be found on your download page.)


What buyers have said…


You Came Out With ‘Secret

Vendor List”, I was so Excited…

…because there isn’t
anything else out there on how to set up an online
wreath business, plus I knew it had the potential to
save me time, money and effort.  
Your bonus video showing
how to pack a wreath for shipment was helpful too.
I was wiring my wreaths in but doing it
differently.  My way was more time consuming. 
I read through the
entire book the day I bought it.  I immediately
thought it would save me money and I was very happy
with my purchase.  I was not disappointed even
though I had been  in business for over a year.  I
still use your book as a reference!
My advise to beginners
would be to purchase your DVDs, and the “Secret
Vendors List” and understand that though an
investment at first, you will save money in the long


Thank You, Nancy for always making my day!I sold my first wreath, this weekend, WooHoo! and it’s all because of you.

God works in mysterious ways…..yes he does…You will never
know how much I appreciated the Secret Vendor List, I refer back to it so often,
it is so much more than I ever expected….

I can’t wait for the updates.

I know God is blessing you in this journey, because he has blessed me,
thru your journey…Praise The Lord!

Your are still my favorite
wreath maker!

Have a Blessed and Wonderful Day!

Susie Price

Your Sister In Christ


Just wanted to say how excited I was to receive your ‘secret vendor list’ and all the bonuses! I was overwhelmed with how much information you included and am having a wonderful time going through all of it.
Thank you so much and may God bless you!



From: Nancy Alexander


Re: My Secret Wreath-Making Vendor List and More!

My Dear Friend,

If you’re looking to design beautiful wreaths for year-round occasions, whether just for fun, to sell in your store or on eBay, or just
as gifts for your family and friends, then this will be the most important letter you’ve ever read.

Here’s why…

For years I’ve quietly cleared HUNDREDS of dollars per wreath, selling high-end wreaths on eBay. I had daily pick-up with UPS, shipping out 10 to 30 wreaths per week.

In fact, my wreaths were often the most expensive and high-quality you could find, and women bought them in droves. One woman paid $450.00 for a wreath and
then tacked on another $250.00 just for shipping! It was the largest wreath I ever made—about 5 feet across—and it
went to a woman who had a mountain home in California. She called me when she received it and was thrilled beyond words.

As a world-renowned designer, I’ve honed my wreath-making skills to be top-notch, using only the best ingredients that last a lifetime,
and women gladly paid handsomely for them.

I say this not to brag, but only illustrate what is possible designing these exquisite and charming works of art.

And best of all, you can easily do it too!

You see, one of a designer’s most closely guarded-secrets is her supplier listthe exact
supplies to get and which vendors to approach.

And my customers and clients have been begging me for years to release it.

But that was my secret “ace-in-the-hole.” And I never made it available before…

Until now.

I’ll tell you more about that in a moment, but first, let me tell you that none of this came easily for me.

First and foremost, my life has been guided by my health.

I spent many, many years with NO help from Doctors except lots of drugs that made me worse.

Finally, after 25 hard years, I diagnosed myself by doing unbelievable amounts of research on the Internet.
I made an appointment with a specialist, found out my suspicions were correct, and then began the long journey trying to get help for
something that I was told was not curable—Fibromyalgia.

Today I am a completely different person.

Two amazing doctors in Atlanta confirmed that I had Celiac disease that caused Fibromyalgia. I’ve lost 110 lbs, and leave off all wheat—gluten,
sugar, milk, dairy, canned foods, and processed foods.

I feel better than I have in years, am engulfed with ideas for my business, which has been my lifesaver.

I desperately wanted and needed to become productive again.

Early in life, I developed my skill as an artist and started painting. Then as I felt a little better, I began making wooden cutouts, painting them, and selling them at craft shows.

An opportunity came to purchase a failing business, which had been in Anderson for 25 years. We bought it and brought it back from disaster. It became “The Place To Shop in Anderson” for high-end gifts, florals, and much more.

After many years of ups and downs, and paying employees to work when there really wasn’t enough sales for that, we started getting deeper in debt.
I used employees because I never knew when I would have fibromyalgia flare-ups, and need them to run the store for me if I couldn’t be there.

I eventually became managing partner of a 8,000 sq. ft. shop. As partners retired and others
began to travel more, it became apparent that it was time to close the business and relieve some of the stress it was putting on my body.

Ebay to the rescue!

Unfortunately I had no one to teach me, no one to help, so I read, and read, and studied, and figured out how to sell on the Internet myself.

In less than 6 months I became a power seller!

In no time, I became the one selling the best wreaths on eBay, and selling more than any of the other sellers, even selling at higher prices.

I eventually got all of my left over merchandise out of gift shops, and antique malls.

I didn’t need that anymore. I didn’t need the headaches.

“I had started my Internet career and I LOVED it!”

I wished I had started selling online YEARS sooner.

By this time, we had built a new home with a big studio across the breezeway from our house, and I had a full-time employee working for me here.
We didn’t need to maintain open hours for customers anymore (although many of them did still come to my home to purchase from me)

There was a joy and freedom that I had not felt in years.

Which brings me to the reason I’m writing to YOU today…

You, too, can experience the thrill and joy of creating your own beautiful wreaths, just like the ones below.

These are just examples of the wreaths we offer, and how you can make your own beauties just like these!

Whether you want unique memorable gifts and treasures for loved ones that last a lifetime. Whether you want to add creative new pieces to your own store inventory or sell them online (like eBay, for example). Or just for the pure enjoyment of making your own decorative wreaths for all occasions throughout the year for your own home.

Gorgeous arrangements like these can be made year-round for all occasions, like the one above.

Believe me, if you think it’s too difficult, costly, or time-consuming, just look at the scores of people who have already learned wreath-making from my DVDs, books, articles, and other content along this page on the right!

And now you can also tap my own secret resources with my newly-released one-of-a-kind…

“Secret Vendor List”

For the first time ever, I decided to release my Secret Vendor List, an
, including:

  • Names, addresses, contact numbers—including emails & websites
  • Showroom locations, hours of operation, terms of business – including minimum orders, amounts, and shipping
  • Videos where I visit my favorite vendor at least twice a year. You walk around with the owners giving you item numbers and prices of their very BEST floral supplies – including Deco Mesh
  • Personal notes which include favorite items, good prices, most popular items, best bargains, and best quality
  • Vendor photos
  • Plus much much more!

And remember, Our wreaths are made better than you’ll ever find anywhere else. Stems, flowers, etc. are tied in when necessary
along with hot glue to make sure that they will last for many seasons to come.

In fact, some of my best customers have offered to buy this list for over $500.00. That alone makes it a $500.00 value!

But there’s more. Much more…

You see, I wanted to make this guide something special—something truly spectacular.

So with over 253 pages of packed step-by-step instructions, photos, and resources, you’ll also discover…

  • How NOT to choose the wrong vendor
  • Why some suppliers made the cut—and some didn’t!
  • The difference between good and bad vendors
  • Finding the perfect sales rep
  • Wholesale suppliers who prey on naive newcomers (NOT following this advice can cost you extra cash and lost time!)
  • Some lessons learned in my 30 years in the business
  • How In the marketplace, you don’t have to be a guppy—be a shark!
  • And much more!

Just think of what selling just two wreaths a week would do to your bottom line. At an average of $190.00 a piece, that
would bring in an extra $19,760.00 a year gross!

I personally sold between 6 to 10 wreaths per week, so you can imagine the profits from that.

Add to that the value of the vendor list at $500.00, and your total value is about $14,020.00 for the first year alone!

The Secret Vendor List” is a great value at only $197.00!

Grab Your
Digital Copy At This Low Investment Today!

And if you claim your copy today, I’ll also throw in these FREE bonuses from my Learn Wreath Design Series:

Deck The Halls: Making a Christmas Wreath

I’ll show you how to create beautiful Christmas wreaths in this 50-page e-book.

I am incredibly excited to be offering this new instructional book, “Deck the Halls” because it focuses on my favorite time of year: Christmas!

Whether you are new to wreath making or a faithful customer, I just know that you are going to enjoy making this wreath.

(That’s a $24.97 value right there!)

Spring Meadow: Making a Spring/Summer Wreath

In this 59-page e-book, you’ll learn how to design magnificent spring meadow wreaths, using such decor as Wild Birch Wreath and Green wisteria stem.

A wreath can add so much to any area of your home.

Even the smallest of wreaths can make such a difference when placed in the right spot!

(A $24.97 value!)

Sunflower Garden: Making an Intermediate, XL Wreath

In this 115-page e-book, you’ll learn how to create intermediate-sized and XL wreaths.

My wreaths can be described as “wild & woodsy”, “light & airy”, or very full and formal.

I describe this particular intermediate wreath we are working on as “wild & woodsy”.

(A $24.97 value!)

Plantation Charm: Making a Southern Magnolia Wreath

I’ll reveal the secrets to making a beautiful Southern Magnolia wreath in this 89-page

You see, Most people are surprised to see the impact a small wreath
can have on a lifeless space.

Guests always notice the way I’ve
taken a simple place to leave shoes or purses and turned it into a lovely place
of interest.

After all, wreaths aren’t simply made to only hang on your
front door!

(A $24.97 value!)

That’s an additional $99.88 in bonuses!

However, I wanted to make it even easier for you to decide. That’s because you’re automatically protected by my…

Exclusive “90 Day Money-Back Guarantee”

You heard me correctly. Try it out for 90 days. There’s not many people who would give a solid guarantee like that!
Get the Secret Vendor List now. Use the very same vendors and materials that I use! Use it for life.
That means there’s no rush… try it out at your leisure.

90 Days! I can make this guarantee because I’m confident in the quality of these vendors, their materials, and the instructions contained
within—and I know that once you’ve put them to the test,
they’ll work for you too.

—Nancy Alexander
Ladybug Wreaths

Remember, I was pulling in a lot of money from eBay alone selling these wreaths. You might earn less. Or you might make more. But the point is, you get all my proprietary methods, vendors, and resources that I used to do it!

But I’m a longshot from being done…

“You Mean I Get All This, And STILL There’s More???”

Absolutely. In fact, there’s a LOT more…

You also get:

  1. Professionally filmed video showing how to box and secure a wreath for shipping (A $27.00 value!)
    (Digital Download)I show you how to tape up your box, insert and secure your wreath to the bottom of the box to prevent damages,
    and then finish taping up the top. These instructions along with my box supplier and a
    list of my favorite size boxes
    will make this a very simple task instead of the daunting one it was to me in the beginning.
  2. “Shopping With the Pros” (A $77.00 value!)
    At the heart of my success, I’ve learned to create outstanding wreaths and other florals using some expensive materials from the wholesale markets,but supplementing them with low-priced florals
    from the local craft stores. Now, you, too, can create expensive-looking creations with less expensive,
    locally-obtained flowers and accents.Anyone can go into a local craft store and purchase their floral supplies.
    But it takes a trained eye for color, style, and price to combine those materials with quality, wholesale florals and
    come up with a wreath that is breathtaking.
  3. Access to four recently recorded teleseminars discussing wreath and floral design (A $27.00 value each = $108.00 total value)
    (Digital Download)
    Informative questions from customers and answers from me about wreath design—great discussions!
  4. “Striking it Rich in the Marketplace” – information to prepare you for your initial buying trip to a major gift market. (EBook, 25 pages long—A $47.00 value!)The Atlanta AmericasMart, The Dallas Market Center, the World Market Center Las Vegas.
    Some of the largest, most prestigious gift and market centers in the world. These world-class showcases
    are dazzling and beautiful, but are they a bit intimidating for you?How would you like to go with a friend on your next trip to market? And not only a friend, but a world-renowned designer and entrepreneur? Nancy Alexander can’t go
    with you personally, but she can accompany you through this shopping guide to those mega markets. With her
    tips and hints, you can come out the winner on every single trip to a major wholesale market!

That’s enough to make this offer a no-brainer. But I’ve got one more trick up my sleeve!

I’m also going to give you free updates for life!

And—you still get everything for this ridiculously low investment of $197 just

Please don’t wait and miss out on this terrific value. Grab yours today before the price goes up by $100.00!

Let me tell you, it’s a beautiful thing when you make your first stunning wreath!


Easy Access to
The Secret Vendor List


YES, Nancy!
I want to learn from the world’s foremost authority on unique and custom floral wreath designs!

  • I want to get my hot little hands on that Secret Vendor List of yours and see what you’ve been able to accomplish in your e-books and bonuses, and I’m looking forward to putting these same methods into my own wreath-making!
  • I understand that you make NO promises or guarantees that I will produce any specific design or result. I realize that my own efforts are all unique, and my results may vary from those shown or implied.
  • However, I also know that if I don’t get the results I want, I can ask for a complete refund within 90 days, and you will cheerfully refund my entire purchase price. And everything I’ve downloaded is mine to keep. Either way, I can’t lose!
  • I understand I am getting a special price and that
    this is a downloadable e-Book with a link which is available after purchase.

“The Secret Vendor List”


Regular Price: $197.00

Limited Time Special Price – Only $147
(until the timer runs out)


Yours truly,


Nancy Alexander

P.S. With a 90 day money-back guarantee, this is the best “no-brainer” way to ensure you start designing gorgeous wreaths today!


[sws_green_box box_size=”600″]”Nancy, I LOVE the Secret Vendor List and the wonderful deal you gave us. I cannot believe all the information you included in this wonderful packaged deal: the names, addresses, phone numbers, merchandise examples, advice and comments on the vendors – unbelievable!”The extras you gave in this special offer in addition to the list are fantastic.  Your knowledge on where to purchase items for creating wreaths, your detailed instructions/ideas on creating the wreaths,  creating bows,  decorating, shipping merchandise, etc. are amazing!”I can’t wait to get started on a new project I have in mind for my shop!”I just wanted to thank you again for allowing me to purchase this wonderful package, which I realize took many years of exhausting hours at work to obtain, create and assemble!””Oh, and if I did not say you are a true inspiration in my last email, please add that, because YOU ARE!”



Get Yours Now!