Ribbons & Bows – New Tips

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Studio Day With Nancy

There is a workshop going on in my studio as you’re reading this newsletter. Yesterday, at 9 a.m. sharp, ladies arrived from all over to attend a “Studio Day With Nancy”. You have no idea how much I look forward to these days! I get to watch these beautiful ladies learn to make beautiful wreaths with their own two hands! I “sort of” get my house cleaned up… and my shop gets clean and straightened for these wonderful new friends and students. 🙂 These days really fill my heart with joy as I pray that me and my staff will make an everlasting impression on their lives.! What an honor it is to have ladies come for so far away to work with me! I am humbled, and honored! We learn, laugh, and have lots of fun as we develop forever friendships. Making a beautiful wreath IS fun, so I really want our workshops to be a worthwhile, learning experience, while we’re having fun too! You might want to watch my Facebook page, as we’ll be posting pics of these ladies working on their creative designs: Facebook.com/NancyLadybugWreaths

Today’s newsletter won’t be too long, but I do have something special that I filmed just for you this week!

“Ribbons & Bows – New Tips”

  I really hope you enjoy this new “Ribbons & Bows” Video!   … as we’re enjoying making gorgeous wreaths in my studio. I would love for you to attend one of our spring classes. They are really filling up fast, so if you are interested, you can go here for more information. Fill out an application, and we’ll talk to you to see if you are a fit for our special workshops. “Enjoy” Smiles… Nancy

The Following Dates are for Spring Workshops: April 10, and 11th May 15, and 16th (Summer Dates Will be Announced Soon) PassionIntoProfits.com

15 Responses

  1. Hello Nancy. I’ve really enjoyed all of the different shor videos I’ve seen today along with the articles too. I’m a “new-bie” at making wreaths. I’ve only made three so far, but I’m still having trouble with the bow making technique you use, but I won’t keep trying. I was so impressed with your Aug. 18, 2015 grow with Nancy video that I knew if anyone could teach me this craft, that you were the best to do it. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for making this part of the process so enjoyable.

    1. Thanks for your note Alice. I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying my video.

      Keep working on your bows, and I guarantee you can master them… 🙂

      Smiles… Nancy

  2. As soon as I finish with this year doing weddings, my sister and I plan on attending your classes to start our on business of traveling to all the local craft shows selling crafts. She lost her husband last year and we want to spend time together traveling…We are both want to be florist…We have worked at it but never full time…I know that your the teacher for us both…Can’t wait, but I’m booked through Nov 2014, So in 2015 hope to be there….You inspire me…It’s never too late to learn something new and fun…Thanks again Nancy

    1. Hi Freddie!

      Good for you & your sister!! I would LOVE for the two of you to attend my workshop. It would be such an amazing experience for you both. And…so much fun for the two of you to start a brand new business. Sounds like you already have it all planned out.

      Nice to hear that I’m the ‘teacher’ for you both.

      It is great to hear that I do inspire you. I believe that is why God has me right here — right now. And, you are certainly right that it is NEVER too late to learn something new.

      Congratulations to you both, and thank you so much for your kind note!

      Blessings, Nancy

  3. Nancy, I just finished watching you new video in bows, I’m so excited to make my spring Wreaths. I daughter moved into a new home and she wants me to make a wreath for her dining room. Because of you I’ve learned a new talent I I didn’t know I had. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    God bless,

    1. Thanks for your note Diana,

      I am so happy your daughter will get a wreath for her new dining room.

      Learning a new talent is exciting, isn’t it? And, you didn’t know you had it?

      Congratulations, and, you’re welcome!


      PS: Please send me a picture of your new wreath! 🙂

  4. Hi Nancy I really enjoyed the class last Thursday,I learned so much from you and Kim. I forgot to get the information on how to get your vendors book and the ebooks. I’m sorry. Can you please email me the instructions for receiving the vendors list and ebooks. Thanks again. Jean herring

    1. Hi Jean!

      How are you? I am so glad you enjoyed the class! It was an amazing day, and I’m thrilled you learned so much.

      You are a very talented lady. I’m sending out an email today with the links to what you should be receiving.

      It is already lined up on my desk ready to go through and send out.

      I know you’ll be making more beautiful wreaths! Please keep in touch, and send me pictures! 🙂

      Smiles… Nancy

  5. THANK YOU for the bow making video. I had experimented with two different ribbons but couldn’t quiet get it. Now I do! I’m guessing, but not sure, if I place the bow before I make the wreath or after – but I’m thinking before. So thankful I found your website!

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