Pumpkins & Gourds…Fall is My Favorite Time of Year

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Pumpkins & Gourds…Fall is My Favorite Time of Year!




Pumpkins & Gourds… Ohhh… the Colors!!

My Goal Today is to Make This Beautiful Basket
Like You See Above!

Do you love fall and autumn the way I do?  Well, this time of year just REALLY makes me feel good!  Red, yellow and gold leaves are falling in my driveway as I am looking out over my garden and side yard.  I see a few trees which are already turning, as I watch them everyday while  working.

My husband knows how much I love this time of year, so, last weekend he surprised me with a short, but amazingly wonderful “weekend getaway” for my birthday .  We went to Hendersonville, NC, a beautiful town tucked into the Smokey Mountains.  This really touched me.  You see, his job has been so demanding and stressful lately, but he still took the time to plan a “magical” weekend.

There were reservations at a charming Bed & Breakfast with a “gluten-free” breakfast all ready for me the next morning, as well as an amazing meal at “The Inn on Church”.  (He is so thoughtful when it comes to my food allergies.) Our perfect room in the Inn was reserved after he studied and compared each online.  And to further enhance our weekend, his “whatever you want to do because it is your birthday” attitude just made this trip one I’ll never forget!!!!

In the pictures below, you’ll see downtown Hendersonville, NC, as well as one of my favorite shops…I got a piece of the most wonderful “garden art” from this one!


Steve knows how much I love wandering through quaint shops in the mountains as I search for unique, eclectic treasures.  So, needless to say, I loved it!    It was amazing, and I found some wonderful places I definitely want to visit again!


We are now back to reality!  Steve has gone back to work as have I.  Our son and his wife are coming in from Charleston on Friday with three of our grandchildren, and our other son and his wife will also be here with our fourth grandchild.  We probably won’t be able to get everyone together again until Christmas.

So, I will spend today decorating for fall and Halloween all at once!  I want days at Mimi & Poppy’s to be especially memorable ones for our two, three, four, and seven year olds!!

Did you see how cute the pumpkin looks in the basket in the top picture?  This will be SO simple.  I have everything I need except a pumpkin, and I’ll take care of that shortly.  I’ll add a picture of mine onto my blog when I finish.  Why don’t you try one too?



Porch Displays for Fall — Just Beautiful!



Do you love this one as much as I do?  I want you to notice the “large” effect this beautiful display projects on this porch.  But when you look very closely, there are actually clay pots of greens raised up on iron stands as well as other large clay pots sitting directly on their porch.  I suspect those are plants which are green year round so they don’t have to be changed out for each season.

Look at the pumpkins.   I LOVE pumpkins, and would like to have them all around — and I mean the large ones.  But, they can get expensive, and it is just not feasible in the south to invest in many pumpkins because they won’t last too long in the heat.  So, in the display above, they didn’t invested in many large ones.  Looking more closely, you’ll see several are resting on the tops of empty clay pots.  What a clever idea to add some height to the pumpkins making them look much larger than they really are!


I love the red door on this porch, in addition to all the greens which surround it.  Several pots of mums have been used which can be planted in the ground to come up next year.  There are only 2 pumpkins used – larger ones, but grouped together as they are, you have an even larger looking display.  I also really like the green/white variegated ivy in the pot on the left side.  Mixing summer greens with fall pumpkins is a great idea.


The display on this porch above is nice and neat.  It is balanced on each side (which is not usually not what I do — I am just not a balanced kind of gal).  Notice the initial painted on the white pumpkin.  Classy, isn’t it!


Okay, the porch above is more my style… lol.  And, I want the dog which goes along with it…TeTee!  Aren’t the pumpkins GREAT piled up in the rustic chair which is draped with an artificial leaf garland.  You can get by with mixing some of the cheaper,, “fake” pumpkins with real ones if you like.  That will give it a nice, natural (not fake) look altogether.


Isn’t the display above cute and colorful.  Someone painted faces on green gourds.  There are gourds (less expensive) piled on the steps along with cabbage plants in pots.  Then the larger pot with yellow mums really set this one off.  The corn stalks behind are FREE, and add some height to the entire display — love it!!

Nancy Recommends,

New Fall Wreaths & Baskets


This fall wall basket was just completed, and is listed in my Etsy shop.  Don’t wait too long to purchase… these fall wreaths and baskets are going fast!


I really LOVE this XL wreath for a front door!  Actually this is one that could be used year round, even at Christmas!  You can also find this beauty in my Etsy Store!


Sparkling and glittering ribbons are now IN for fall.  One of these ribbons in this double ribbon bow has polka dots and metallic threads.  A pumpkin mixed with sunflowers adds even more to this wonderful season.  Shop my Etsy Store for this wreath and more!


What about roses along with pumpkins, mums and sunflowers for fall!  This is a BEAUTY!  I would love this one on my own door!  Find this one for sale in Etsy also!

I would love for you to browse my Etsy shop.
It is filled with many beautiful fall wreaths!

“Passion Into Profits” Update:

What an amazing response we had from ladies wanting to join our brand new “Passion Into Profits: sessions!

It breaks my heart that we have now had to close the survey .  We wish we could work with every single one of you!  We are overwhelmed with the many responses from amazingly talented artisans wanting to join Linda and I as we help them grown their businesses!

Now… we begin to sort through these responses, narrowing down our list to 10 artists.  After the selection process is over, we will notify every person who took the time to fill out the survey.


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    1. Thank you so much Gale! It is nice to hear from you. Being a florist (especially with fresh flowers) is definitely hard work…I know…I did fresh flowers for a while. I am so glad that I can inspire you in some way! You’re very welcome! Nancy

  1. I really enjoy your blog and your wreaths but, there are no pictures for the “Porch Displays” section. I was looking forward to seeing the porches.

    1. Renee, if you are talking about pictures showing up in your email… there is a link at the top of the newsletter in gmail that you can click on which will show you all the pictures. This is something that gmail as well as most of the other email servers do. It says: (Always display images from….)

      If you click on that, all of your pictures will come through — but you have to do it each time.

      Here is a link where I put the newsletter on my blog, and it will be there every week when I send one out: https://ladybugwreaths.com/doorwreaths/pumpkins-gourds-fall-is-my-favorite-time-of-year/

      Smiles… Nancy

  2. Hi Nancy,

    Beautiful as always. I am so glad you had such a wonderful birthday. I keep thinking one of these days I am going to see you on the front of Cosmopolitin.

    I think it would be nice if in the fall you could come up with an idea, for all of us followers could meet and hang out and fellowship with other floral crafters. Just like for the wee-end like maybe the first week-end of October or something in the neighborhood. Some place where we could all have lunch together and maybe for 3 or 4 hours or so, we could go out on our own and check out some quaint little shops and then meet back for dinner. Kind of like what you and you husband did for your birthday. Just like a big group of friends.

    Your Etsy store looks great!
    Take care. Janice

    1. Aw… that sounds like fun Janice! I don’t know how we would do that with all of our students living all over the US, and in Canada… :o)

      We will be holding events one day where we will all get together to “share some love”, “be inspired”, and talk about as well as plan our businesses!

      Smiles… Nancy

      PS: So glad you like my Etsy store!

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