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Ficus Leaves In Wreaths For All Occasions

For many, many years customers have asked me how they can find leaf stems like I use in my own wreaths.  They like these because they really add to the wild & woodsy look that all my wreaths have.  In the past, I have purchased these stems from any place I could find them.  They were sometimes called Wisteria leaf stems, and so many more names for many types of leaf stems.

FICUS LEAVES PICS 003_edited-4-w400Now,  I use only Ficus leaf stems.  I really do add them to every single wreath designed at ladybug Wreaths.  I bring them out from my wreaths all the way around, as well as have them flowing from the very front of these wreaths.  Honestly, my wreaths just would not have the same “wild & woodsy” look that Ladybug Wreaths is known for.

Now for something I’m very excited about.  You know that I am always on the lookout for great supplies for you.  So, I am now offering these same ficus leaf stems that I love using to you.  Yes, you can now use the exact same supplies as me in your wreath designs!  I have these listed in my Amazon store and also on my website.  If you purchase through Amazon, and have a Prime account, you can receive your ficus leaf stems within two days with free shipping.  You can also purchase from me, here on my website with the “Add to Cart” button below.

A special surprise for my Best of Nancy Community members!!  You receive a special discount on these ficus leaf stems just for being a member of my community!

These artificial silk ficus leaf branches come 6 per package.  When I am designing a wreath, I cut each stem up into three different sections, so I end up only using around 2 to 3 stems in each wreath.

FICUS LEAVES PICS 004_edited-1-w400

You’ll Really Love These as Well as the Way They Make Your Creations Come Alive!

  • These Ficus Leaf Stems are great for DIY Craft Projects, and are hand made
  • You’ll love the lighter green new growth leaves on the ends of each stem
  • 42 ficus leaves are on each stem
  • Dimensions are approximately 23 inches long, and 18 inches wide
  • Wired stems will shape easily in your floral designs


Ficus Leaf Stems, Set of 6 for $19.97

Christmas Wreath out of Deco Mesh for the Door

In all my DVDs and videos, you can see me using Ficus branches in my wreaths!
You’ll find this process so simple when you follow my instructions!
Have fun making your favorite wreaths!


Blank Wild Birch Door Wreaths


These are the SAME Wreaths I use in ALL of my Wreath Designs!

I’m sure you’ll Absolutely LOVE using them as much as I do!


14″ Wild Birch Wreath $29.97

how to make door wreaths add to cart


After many requests from my customers over the years, I am finally able to offer Wild Birch/Beech Wreaths for Sale. Now YOU can purchase my Instructional Wreath-Making Videos and E-Books, and start with a beautiful “Wild & Woodsy” wreath as your base just as I do!

These wreaths are a natural, hand-made product, and no two are exactly alike. Some wreaths have more sticks radiating out than others. Sometimes one side may not be quite as round as the other, and some sticks may need to be cut from the back to make them hang flat against the wall. All measurements are approximate. They are within a several inches up or down of my quoted size. This is the way I receive them from the young woman who makes them for me, so this is the way they I have to sell them.

If you like a wreath that is perfectly round or oval, then these may not be the ones for you. But if you’re like me, and love the natural, wild & woodsy look these have, and if you like the way my wreaths look made on these bases, you’ll absolutely LOVE them.

These wreaths sell so fast, that many times, when your order is placed, I don’t have them in stock. I usually have to wait for the next shipment to arrive. The fresh birch and beech for my wreaths is harvested after I place my orders, and the wreaths are hand-made by a young woman in Kentucky. She’ll have to schedule a time to drive 9 hours each way to deliver them to me, so this is not a fast process.

I do try to keep them in stock, but sometimes that is impossible. I receive a truck-load every time she comes, but I do run out before she can return again. Wreaths and easels are two items which cannot be returned. They are especially ordered for you. They also take time and the correct boxes to pack them up, so please make sure you pick the sizes you want in the birch wreaths.

I use mainly 14 inch and sometimes 16 inch when I am making my wreaths. Please be patient when you order these from me and understand they are hand-made just for you, and that I will send them to you as soon as I receive them. I PROMISE you they are worth the wait!

Honeysuckle Vine by the Roll

How to make a wreath with honeysuckle vine

Rolls of freshly harvested honeysuckle vine can be used in your wreath

just like the one above. You can be really wild with it making many loops and curls.

 How to make a wreath honeysuckle vines


Roll of Honeysuckle Vine $29.97

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Custom Wreath Easels,

Exclusive Design  to LadybugWreaths

Have you attempted to make a wreath lying flat on a table,

a counter, or even hanging on the back of a door covered in drips of glue?

We can take care of that problem with these special Easels.

Custom Designed by Ladybug Wreaths


Custom Wreath Easels $189.97

(shipping included)

Ladybug Certified Add to Cart


Klein Wire Cutters



how to make door wreaths add to cart

NOTE: Link to Amazon to Purchase



Surebonder Glue Gun

how to make door wreaths add to cart

NOTE: Link to Amazon to Purchase



Packing Tape

packing tape for shipping wreathsI only recommend products that I use! I love this tape!

It is very durable. I use less tape which save me moneyI never worry about my boxes staying sealed

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Tape Dispenser

how to ship wreaths tape dispenserI know this doesn’t LOOK heavy enough to dispense packing tape – but trust me. IT IS!!!

I can quickly grab the right size piece of tape with one hand!

The base is heavy enough to keep the dispenser from moving around.

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NOTE: I may receive compensation for some of the supplies recommended.